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How do you switch on the line module of the SINAMICS S120?

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There are prepared function blocks in the "SINAMICS DriveLib" library for triggering various functions of the SINAMICS S120. Also located in the library is the function block "SINA_INFEED" via which the SINAMICS S120 line module can be triggered.

Before you can release or process an axis connected to the SINAMICS S120 drive system via the Motion Control functions of the SIMATIC S1500(T), the SINAMICS S120 line module has to be switched on and the "Supply mode" signal has to be present at the individual drives. If this is not the case, the drive or technology object has an error status and in the worst case the line module might be damaged.

How to trigger the line module and how the drives receive the "Supply mode" signal depends on the type of line module used:

  • SINAMICS S120 with a line module without DRIVE-CLiQ connection:
    The supply is triggered via terminals on the line module. The line module is released via the EP (Enable Pulses) terminal. The module gives feedback that it is ready via the RDY (Ready) terminal. This signal has to be interconnected with the "Supply mode" signal when configuring the drives. 
  • SINAMICS S120 with a line module with DRIVE-CLiQ connection:
    The line module is switched on or off by the SIMATIC S7-1500(T) via the PROFIdrive telegram 370. By configuring telegram 370 the required BICO interconnections are created automatically on the side of the "Line Module" drive object. The "SINA_INFEED" function block from the "SINAMICS DriveLib" block library enables you to switch on and off, and diagnose the SINAMICS S120 line modules (BLM / SLM / ALM) connected by DRIVE-CLiQ.

The "SINAMICS DriveLib" block library with the "SINA_INFEED" function block and the associated documentation are available in Entry ID: 109475044

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