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Auxiliary switches for switch disconnectors 3KA5, 3KL5, 3KL6, 3KM5

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Which auxiliary switches can be used for switch disconnectors 3KA5, 3KL5, 3KL6, 3KM5?


For switch disconnectors 3KA5, 3KL5, 3KL6, 3KM5 new 3KX auxiliary switches are available instead of the 3SB1 auxiliary switches.
These are electrically and mechanically full compatible with the old 3SB1 auxiliary switches and have also the same certificates.

Attached you find the equivalent order numbers:

article no. (OLD)

Auxiliary switch typeSuitable for
product familiy
Suitable for
frame sizes
Suitable for
rated current
3KX order number(NEW)
3SB1400-0A1NC + 1NO 3KA5 3KA5: 63 - 630 A3KX3552-3AA01
3SB1400-0G2NO3KL5, 3KL6All frame sizes3KL5, 3KL6: 63 - 800 A3KX3552-3AB01
3SB1400-0H2NC3KM5 3KM5: 63 - 400 A3KX3552-3AC01

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