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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109759762, Entry date: 08/07/2018

Delivery Release for RUGGEDCOM ROS 3.12.5

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RUGGEDCOM ROS® version 3.12.5 is a minor release of the RUGGEDCOM ROS® operating system containing new features, enhancements, and bug-fixes for supported product models.

RUGGEDCOM ROS® version 3.12.5 software is now available and can be obtained by requesting support at https://support.industry.siemens.com/my/us/en/requests#createRequest

RUGGEDCOM RS, M, and i- series switches listed below are supported:

  • RS900, RS900 (32M)
  • RS900G, RS900G (32M)
  • RS940G
  • RS900GP
  • RSG2100, RSG2100 (32M)
  • RSG2200
  • RSG2288
  • RSG2300
  • i80x
  • RS9xxW
  • RS910
  • RS40x
  • RS416
  • RS90xL
  • RS969
  • M969
  • M2100
  • M2200
  • RS8000
  • RS1600
  • RS900M
  • RMC30

New Features and Enhancements

  • Support for increased memory
    Support for the increased memory footprint is included for the RS900 (32M), RS900G (32M), and RSG2100 (32M).

Security Improvements

To increase security robustness an update to ROS v4.3.5 or higher is recommended.

Resolved Issues

  • When a device boots (power-on or reboot), the internal clock slows down by a small amount. This has been resolved.

Security information
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