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Patch 01 for Evaluation Kit EK-ERTEC 200 PN IO Firmware V4.5

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Patch 01 for PROFINET IO evaluation kit version 4.5.0, concerning EK ERTEC200 is released

The following fixes affect the PNIO stack:

  • Problem at submodule-plugging in special case of IM data configuration.
  • Wrong response “invalid index” instead of “access denied” if submodule has no own IM data.
  • HW revision in IM0 data contains ERTEC version value instead of value provided from application at submodule plugging.
  • Sporadically IO data update provides data from last cycle to application

How to update the software for the EK ERTEC 200:

  1. Extract the zip file “EK_ERTEC200_V4.5.0_PATCH_01.zip”
  2. To be sure, make a backup of your source first !!
  3. Update all source files, header files and configuration files inside this fix on your installed version PNIODevkit\Pnio_src. You can do it with a simple copy, if you use the unchanged path structure of PNIO_src of the preliminary devkit version V4.5.0


A password is required to unzip the file. Registered customers will receive the password from the ComDeC. comdec@siemens.com

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  EK_ERTEC200_V4.5.0_PATCH01.zip (22,8 KB)

Name: EK_ERTEC200_V4.5.0_PATCH01.zip
Size: 23338 bytes (22 KiB)
SHA256: 464FA46662B175300732626889923738CC2E683EE9CDABA5BF7C6F70638391B3


Checksum information: (How do you determine the SHA-256 checksum of a file?: 109483101

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