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How many IO modules can you configure in an ET 200SP HA station?

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There are various limits for the maximum configuration of the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA. In addition to the mechanical and electrical regulations you must also take into account the limits for PROFINET transmission. This entry provides an Excel table for calculating the gross data of the ET 200SP HA and checking whether the limits for the PROFINET message are respected.

The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA supports configurations with up to 56 IO modules per station. Depending on the IO modules being used and their configuration, in some cases the maximum possible data area in the PROFINET message of 1,440 Byte or 1,000 bytes per station is reached already with less modules.

The maximum possible data area in the PROFINET message depends on:

  • The connection of the ET 200SP HA to the automation system (S1, S2 or R1)
  • The use of Configuration in RUN

The following points must be observed when calculating the necessary data area in the PROFINET message:

  • The input and output data must be considered separately.
  • The PROFINET user data companions must be taken into account although they are not included in the input and output data of the IO modules.

The following Excel table supports you in calculating the gross data of the ET 200SP HA and helps you in checking whether the limits of the PROFINET message are respected.


  1. Download the Excel table.
  2. Open the Excel table.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    • Connection of the ET 200SP HA: (S1 / S2 / R1)
    • Configuration in RUN CiR (Yes / No)
    • Type specific number of IO modules
  4. Read the result.

 Registrierung notwendig  ET 200SP HA Calculation Excel Table (18,6 KB)

In your planning you should also consider the regulations for maximum mechanical and electrical configuration. The required information is given in the manual entitled SIMATIC ET 200SP HA ET 200SP HA Distributed IO System

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An overview of all the relevant information for implementing PROFINET solutions in SIMATIC PCS 7 is available in Entry ID

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