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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109760431, Entry date: 03/20/2019

Announcement of product phase-out for 3UF711 current/voltage measuring modules

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Announcement of product phase-out for SIMOCODE pro V current/voltage measuring modules will become effective on 1 October 2018. Innovated devices have been available as successors to these products since April 2017. The decoupling module is no longer required with the new devices.

Product description:

The announcement of product phase-out will become effective on 1 October 2018 for the following current/voltage measuring modules and the decoupling module:
3UF7110-1AA00-0 (0.3...3 A, straight-through transformer)
3UF7111-1AA00-0 (2.4...25 A, straight-through transformer)
3UF7112-1AA00-0 (10...100 A, straight-through transformer)
3UF7113-1AA00-0 (20...200 A, straight-through transformer)
3UF7113-1BA00-0 (20...200 A, busbar connection)
3UF7114-1BA00-0 (63...630 A, busbar connection)
3UF7150-1AA00-0 (decoupling module)

The following voltage/current measuring modules V2 are available as successors:
3UF7110-1AA01-0 (0.3...4 A, straight-through transformer)
3UF7111-1AA01-0 (3...40 A, straight-through transformer)
3UF7112-1AA01-0 (10...115 A, straight-through transformer)
3UF7113-1AA01-0 (20...200 A, straight-through transformer)
3UF7113-1BA01-0 (20...200 A, busbar connection)
3UF7114-1BA01-0 (63...630 A, busbar connection)

See: 109745978

In a replacement case, it must be noted that the module 3UF7111-1AA00-0 needs to be replaced by the module 3UF7110-1AA01-0 with a current setting Ie of between 2.4 A and 3 A. Any decoupling module that may be present is no longer needed with the current/voltage measuring modules V2 and can be removed. The basic device and the parameter assignment in the software can continue to be used without changes.

The variants <100A were phased out in 03.2019, the devices with current >100A will be available until at least September 2019.

Refer to the attached presentation for additional information on migrating from old current/voltage modules (UM) to the new devices (UM+).

 Registrierung notwendig  SIMOCODE_conversion_UM_slides_V1.pptx (1,4 MB)


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