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How do you change the SUS contract data in OSD (Online Software Delivery)?

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Taking an example we will show you how to change the SUS contract data in OSD.

Execute the following steps to change the SUS contract data in OSD:

  1. Click the link Online Software Delivery to get to the OSD (Online Software Delivery) website.
  2. In the dialog that opens you enter the login and your password and click "Login".

    Fig. 1

  3. In the "Change" column you select the SUS contract to be edited and change to Edit mode by clicking the "Change contracts" button.

    Fig. 2

  4. In the next dialog you change the data as required (Customer data OY, Ship-to-party, Contract change ...) and then click "Check changes".

    Fig. 3

  5. The changes made are marked in blue. Check the changes and then submit the process for further editing by Siemens by clicking the "Submit changes" button.

    Fig. 4

  6. After submitting the process you receive an automatically generated e-mail from Siemens. This e-mail includes your transaction number, customer data and the link to the OSD Worklist. You can track the status of your request at any time at the link by entering your transaction number.

    Fig. 5

  7. In addition to the requests for unlocking delivery notes the OSD Worklist gives you an overview of the status of your SUS change requests - new, in progress or completed. Click "Details" if you need more information about a transaction.

    Fig. 6
  8. The OSD Worklist details show the progress of your change requests. You also have the option of cancelling your order.

    Fig. 7

You receive three automatically generated e-mails for your order, which all include the link described in Step 6.

  • First e-mail: When you submit your change order to Siemens (Step 5).
  • Second e-mail: When your change order has been taken in charge for processing by a Siemens employee.
  • Third e-mail: When your change order has been completed.

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