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Delivery release SIMATIC Machine Simulator

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Virtual commissioning saves time and money

The following is generally valid:
The later a fault is found, the more expensive his elimination. It is therefore particularly important for machine builders and plant operators to detect all faults as early as possible during the development process. Our target is to reduce the number of faults during the real commissioning phase and prevent defects.

This is enabled through virtual commissioning. The machine behavior and the control program are validated in a virtual environment. This allows to detect and eliminate all faults at an early stage already, which saves time and money.

An image of the real machine is required to perform a virtual commissioning run. This image is designated as digital twin of a machine and comprises the following three components:

  • Physical and mechanical image of the machine,

  • behavior model of the machine

  • machine automation

The following figure shows the individual components and their interaction:

Please note that the automation model of the machine can be either integrated as a real controller, or merely virtually.

The SIMATIC Machine Simulator software bundle combines the simulation software SIMIT V10 with the virtual controller SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V2.0. This integrated software landscape for virtual commissioning provides the following benefits:

Available product versions:


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SIMATIC Machine Simulator S V1.0



SIMIT Engineering S V10


SIMATIC Machine Simulator M V1.0



SIMIT Engineering M V10



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