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Delivery Release: Valve Monitoring Application

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With the Valve Monitoring Application, you can discover your individual potential savings and benefits for any number of valves.

Control valves are crucial assets for efficient process management and for ensuring product quality. This is why many valves are serviced,
even though it is not yet necessary - or there is a risk of failure that could lead to plant downtime.

The Valve Monitoring Application is part of the Siemens Asset and Process Performance Suite for better plant monitoring.
The Valve Monitoring Application provides transparency by:

  • Comprehensive information about the status of your control valves

  • Support for the ideal maintenance of your installed base 

Use the multitude of your plant data to reduce plant availability and operating costs with the following functions of the Valve Monitoring Application:

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to predictive maintenance

  • Detection of anomalies and wearing for scheduled maintenance

  • Increased transparency regarding valve and positioner quality

  • Reduced wear and operating costs through optimization of positioner parameters

Your benefits at a glance

  • Increased plant availability

  • Reduction of maintenance and operating costs

  • Expert knowledge is available company-wide

System integration for the Valve Monitoring Application

The Valve Monitoring Application can be used with control systems from different manufacturers, e.g. the Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7
process control system, and enables simple and fast monitoring directly at your plant.

Plant requirements

  • Easy export of the PCS 7 database for data collection with PCS 7 MS / PDM MS.
    With other process control systems, the list of the valves to be monitored must be entered.

  • Selection of the valves to be monitored (recommendation: All)

  • Data collection with PDM MS V2.0 or higher (Microbox IPC with PCS 7 software for up to 500 tags)
    or PCS 7 MS V9.0.1 or higher (tags are limited only by license)

  • Communication connection between PCS 7 MS / PDM MS and the App-PC

Requirements on the app part

  • PC or alternatively VMware, for the execution of the app incl. software environment

  • Browser (Chrome) to access the app


  • The cloud application with e.g. Siemens MindSphere is planned.

Further applications for the process industry can be found on the overview page:
Asset and Process Performance Suite for industrial applications and and plant monitoring services

Requirements for on-site installation

  • OS: >= Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • RAM: >=16 GB

  • CPU: >= 2 CPU cores

  • HDD: >= 200 GB

For this application we recommend the Microbox PC SIMATIC IPC427E with the article number 6AG4141-3BJ00-0GA0.

Product portfolio


The use of the Valve Monitoring Application requires an annual subscription

Abbreviated nameProduct name Article number 
VALVMON-PP50Valve Monitoring for 50 valves and 1 year6BG0000-0AA00-0AB0 
VALVMON-PP200Valve Monitoring for 200 valves and 1 year6BG0000-0AA00-0AC0  
VALVMON-PP500 Valve Monitoring for 500 valves and 1 year6BG0000-0AA00-0AD0 

Additional products

For the additional products, there is an option between a one-time fee and an annual subscription.

Abbreviated nameProduct name Article number 
APPCON-PDMSIMATIC PDM Maintenance Station6ES7650-0RJ03-0XY0 
APPNODEAppNodeIndividual offer
APPSERVApp Engineering ServiceIndividual offer
VALVECONSULTConsultancy service for valve problemsVia Siemens Industry Service Card 

For an individual offer for the AppNode and the App Engineering Service please contact your regional Siemens contact person.

Further information

  Flyer - Valve Monitoring App

  Product Sheet and Specific Terms - Valve Monitoring App

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