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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109760559, Entry date: 02/13/2020

Delivery Release: Valve Monitoring V1.2

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With the Valve Monitoring Application, you can discover your individual potential savings and benefits for any number of valves.

Control valves are crucial assets for efficient process management and for ensuring product quality. This is why many valves are serviced, even though it is not yet necessary - or there is a risk of failure that could lead to plant downtime.


Valve Monitoring is a software application that

  • periodically receives diagnostic data from intelligent valve positioners in a plant (via Maintenance Station)

  • presents and analyzes these data over time to detect anomalies

  • calculates trends and predicts recommended maintenance dates, thereby enabling predictive maintenance

  • creates schedules for optimized maintenance of valves

1. Product Variants
Valve Monitoring is available in 2 variants:

  • On premise (Option 1)

  • Cloud (Option 2)


2. Requirements
The following requirements apply:

Data collection

  • PDM Maintenance Station V2.0 or higher
    OR PCS 7 V9.0.1 or higher
  • HART/Profibus connection

Data collection is possible with third-party process systems.


  • SIPART PS2 (HART V4 and V5 / Profibus PA V5 and V6)
  • Samson 3730 and 3731, REV1 and REV6

Further positioners can be integrated.

PC/Virtual Machine to run Valve Monitoring on premise

3. Offering
Valve Monitoring is offered using a pre-paid concept based on Power Packs. A Power Pack holds a quota of license points. The quota is consumed by ingesting data. Ingesting one or more files per valve and month will consume one license point.

This means, the quota can be spread across a certain timespan and a number of valves. Power Packs may be stacked but only one Power Pack can be active at the same time. 

For the Cloud Variant, a base pack is required granting access to the application in the Cloud.


DesignationDescriptionArticle number
Valve Monitoring
Power Pack 50 (OP)
On premise license for monitoring 50 valves over 12 months (600 license points)6BG0000-0AA00-0AB0 
Valve Monitoring
Power Pack 200 (OP) 
On premise license for monitoring 200 valves over 12 months (2400 license points)6BG0000-0AA00-0AC0 
Valve Monitoring
Power Pack 500 (OP) 
On premise license for monitoring 500 valves over 12 months (6000 license points)6BG0000-0AA00-0AD0 


DesignationDescription Article number
Valve Monitoring
Base Pack (CL) 
Cloud license providing access to application6BG0000-0AA00-1AE0 
Valve Monitoring
Power Pack 50 (CL) 
Cloud license for monitoring 50 valves over 12 months (600 license points)6BG0000-0AA00-1AB0  
Valve Monitoring
Power Pack 200 (CL) 
Cloud license for monitoring 200 valves over 12 months (2400 license points)6BG0000-0AA00-1AC0  
Valve Monitoring
Power Pack 500 (CL) 
Cloud license for monitoring 500 valves over 12 months (6000 license points)6BG0000-0AA00-1AD0  

Complementary products

DesignationDescription Article number
Maintenance Station V3.0 
HW-SW Bundle required to provide on-site data collection6ES7650-0RJ03-0YX0 
APPNODE Microbox PC SIMATIC IPC427E required to run Valve Monitoring on-premise6AG4141-3BJ00-0GA0 
APPSERV Engineering and configuration service provided by Siemens to start operation Individual offer 
VALVECONSULT Consultancy service provided by Siemens to analyze individual valves and positionersVia Siemens Industry Card 

Further information
  Flyer - Valve Monitoring App

  Technical Datasheet - Valve Monitoring App 

  Product Sheet and Specific Terms - Valve Monitoring App (Cloud)

  Product Sheet and Specific Terms - Valve Monitoring App (On-Premises)

Digital Service Agreement

Further applications for the process industry can be found on the overview page: Asset and Process Performance Suite for industrial applications and plant monitoring services 109760571

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