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Asset and Process Performance Suite for industrial applications and plant monitoring services

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Smart apps for maximum data transparency. In times of digitalization plant data becomes increasingly important, the data can be used for data analysis, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Therefore Siemens offers a multitude of industrial applications and services, which provide you with all the necessary information, to operate your plant more safely and with greater efficiency.

With modern automation systems big amounts of data can be generated out of production processes. However only
with appropriate evaluation tools you get the transparency, the valuable information and can exploit the whole potential
of digitization. The following applications show what is possible:

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Valve Monitoring: all valves at a glance

Valves are essential and ensure that chemical plants run smoothly. Sudden, unexpected valve failures can lead to
plant outages and pose safety risks, while unnecessary maintenance can substantially increase operating costs.
Our Valve Monitoring application provides all the information you need to drastically reduce such problems. The
easy-to-understand display lets you identify irregularities in valve function early, and to plan maintenance work efficiently.

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Delivery notice: Valve Monitoring application

SIWA Optim: for an efficient water supply

Pumps are by far the largest consumers of electric power in water supply systems, and operating these pumps efficiently
into the future presents major challenges for water providers. The cloud-based application SIWA OPTIM enables you
as a water supplier to optimally design and automate all relevant assets.

Control Performance Analytics (CPA): everything under control

Control circuits have a significant impact on process efficiency. Yet some 50 percent of all control circuits are not operating
at the optimum settings. Analyzing and optimizing these circuits takes a lot of staff, time and requires skill and expertise.
Control Performance Analytics, with its cloud-based services approach, supports you by evaluating control circuits with
data directly from your process control system, so you can then design the optimization of your control circuits more

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Delivery Release: Control Performance Analytics (CPA)
CPA Demo Portal - User: demo@pda - PW: me$$e2015
SITRAIN BeLux Course Praictical Process Control (E-CPAS)
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