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How do you change from the software tool "SITOP UPS Manager" to the software tool "SITOP Manager"?

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The SITOP Manager is a software tool for commissioning, engineering and monitoring existing and future SITOP devices with communications interface in a customer network in online and offline mode.

The SITOP Manager consists of three modular services that can be installed and operated individually:

  • SITOP Manager Service (MGR)
    - Portal for commissioning, engineering and diagnostics of the SITOP UPS1600 and UPS1100.
    - Provides a web-based graphical user interface (GUI).
  • SITOP Shutdown Service (SDS)
    - Monitors and purposely shuts down the PC on which it is installed.
    - Provides a web-based graphical user interface (GUI).
    - This service is required at least to trigger shutdown of the PC after (buffered) power failure.
  • SITOP Gateway Service (GWS)
    - Required for communication with a SITOP UPS1600 with USB interface.
    - This service is installed on the PC that is connected with the SITOP UPS1600 via USB.

The following documentation describes the following tasks:

  • Transfer the device configuration from the SITOP UPS Manager to the SITOP Manager.
  • Utilization of the functions of the SITOP UPS Manager that are also supported by the SITOP Manager.
  • Utilization of the new functions in the SITOP Manager.

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Further Information

  • Detailed information about the SITOP Manager is available in the user manual in Entry ID 109760673.
  • The SITOP Manager is available for downloading in Entry109760607.
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