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Certificate updates

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This information is about certificate updates when using the SINUMERIK Integrate / AMC "Server" (ePS Network Services/AMC) product.

IT security is a central aspect of the SINUMERIK Integrate/AMC "Server" (ePS Network Services/ AMC). One important security measure is the authentication between servers and machine clients via HTTPS, certified in accordance with the SSL standard. The certificate currently used is about to be withdrawn and will have to be replaced.

The following URLs are affected:

Siemens has adapted the software at the server end so that replacement will be performed automatically as far as technically possible. Siemens will provide the certificate update, which will be downloaded to the machine client at the next synchronization.

The prerequisite for this is that synchronization, followed by a restart, is performed for each machine client prior to December 31, 2018. You can freely select the time for the certificate update and restart at your own convenience.
If you work with a local AMC server or your network communication is via a proxy, you are not affected by this measure. In this case, administration of the certificates is up to you. Please check yourself which certificates are used in your system and whether an update is necessary.

In the following cases, it is necessary to check the installed certificate. Manual installation may then be required:

  • The machine client was not synchronized with the server prior to December 31, 2018.
  • For new machine clients set up after December 31, 2018 with a SINUMERIK Integrate Operate Client earlier than V 4.1 SP7 HF1.
  • Automatic update failed.

See these descriptions for more information:
  iPINS_replacement-cacerts-pem-Solutionline_en.pdf (150.4 KB)

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