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How do you fasten the PROFIBUS bus connector.

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To connect PROFIBUS cables there are bus connectors with cut-and-clamp technology for FastConnect systems and with screw terminals.

The "SIMATIC NET PROFIBUS Network Manual and System Manual" provide installation instructions and detailed information about the PROFIBUS bus connectors. The manual is in Entry ID 35222591.

The following screws must be fastened for the installation.

  1. Fastening screw: Tightening torque 0.3 Nm
  2. Housing screw: Tightening torque 0.8 Nm for self-tapping screws and 0.4 Nm for connectors with metric thread
  3. Screw terminal: Tightening torque 0.25 Nm only for PROFIBUS bus connectors with screw terminals

Fig. 1 shows a PROFIBUS bus connector with cut-and-clamp technology.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2 shows a PROFIBUS bus connector with screw terminals.

Fig. 2

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