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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109760683, Entry date: 09/18/2018

Delivery Release for RUGGEDCOM ROX 2.12.1

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RUGGEDCOM ROX-II® version 2.12.1 software is a Generally Available release of the RUGGEDCOM ROX-II® operating system, and is now available for the Siemens RUGGEDCOM Products.

RUGGEDCOM ROX-II® version 2.12.1 software is now available for the RUGGEDCOM products listed below. It can be obtained by requesting support at https://support.industry.siemens.com/my/us/en/requests#createRequest

  • RUGGEDCOM RX15xx family: RX1500, RX1501, RX1510, RX1511, RX1512
  • RUGGEDCOM RX5000 family: RX5000, MX5000, MX5000RE


New Features and Enhancements

ROX 2.12.1 contains minor enhancements and issue resolution to the functionality in ROX-II.

Resolved Issues

  • RIP daemon restart due to memory leak
  • Quaggamgr daemon segmentation fault
  • RIP daemon failure
  • SNMP stops listening upon reboot when webui disabled
  • Fix to TACACS+ mode logic
  • Application communication failure with OSPF during SNMP polling
  • Quaggamgr daemon timeout during show command
  • Segmentation fault in BGP show status
  • VRF route fluctuation
  • Brute force protection incorrectly handled in firewall
  • EAP-TLS packet issue when sent to 802.1x secure port
  • LLDP config change caused LLDP daemon restart
  • Serial port type configuration does not apply after upgrade to ROX 2.11.0
  • Invalid integrity check message in syslog
  • Frames leaking from LAN-A to LAN-B via interlink port on RNA LM

Security fixes and improvements


Minor security improvements

  • This version contains security-relevant product improvements which increases the robustness.  Upgrading to this version is recommended.


Note on Software Upgrade and Downgrade using ROXFLASH

  • Since ROX 2.9, ROXFLASH requires both the flash image file as well as an associated signed GPG file to ensure the integrity of the flash image file.  If the GPG file is not present in the same location as the image file, the ROXFLASH process will fail.


Note on Browser Compatibility for WebUI

  • For WebUI access issues, see Section 3.1 of the ROX User Guide - Accessing RUGGEDCOM ROX II with Specific Web Browsers

Security information
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