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SINUMERIK PCU Base: Installation on SIMATIC IPC with Windows 10

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Preconditions for installing SINUMERIK PCU Base V12.0 on a SIMATIC IPC running Windows 10

Is it possible to install SINUMERIK PCU Base on a SIMATIC IPC running Windows 10?

SINUMERIK PCU Base software from Version 12.0 and higher can also be installed on a SIMATIC IPC 4x7 E (see below) running Windows 10.

The following steps need to be taken:

  1. To commission a SIMATIC IPC427E, a PC monitor (display port for 427E) and a USB keyboard/mouse is required.
  2. In the IPC-BIOS in the "Boot" register, the USB boot setting must be set to "Enabled".
  3. The SIMATIC IPC must first be prepared with the Windows 10 Version "W10 Ent 2016LTSB x64 10/2017" using the SIMATIC IPC4x7E recovery stick provided.
    To do this, "EFI USB Device" must be selected in the Boot Manager of the IPC.
  4. The SINUMERIK PCU Base V12.0 can then be installed and set up on the SIMATIC IPC in the usual way.

IMPORTANT: If the Windows 10 version is not first imported from the recovery stick, then it will not be possible to make a Ghost backup of the IPC!

The PCU Base software V12.0 is compatible with:
SIMATIC IPC 427E 6AG4141-1AA17-0FA0
SIMATIC IPC 427E 6AG4141-5AB17-0FA0
SIMATIC IPC 477E 6AV7241-3YA07-0FA0
SIMATIC IPC 477E 6AV7241-1WA07-0FA0
SIMATIC IPC 477E 6AV7241-5SB07-0FA0
SIMATIC IPC 477E 6AV7241-3XB07-0FA0

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