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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109760765, Entry date: 09/25/2018

Announcement of product phase-out: SITOP PSU8200, 3-phase power supply with 24 V DC / 40 A, 48 V / 20 A, battery charger 24 V / 30-40 A (SITOP modular product line)

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As part of the market launch of the innovated power supplies SITOP PSU8200 3-phase 24 V / 40 A, 48 V / 20 A and battery charger 24 V / 30-40 A, active marketing for the predecessor types will be stopped and product phase-out will be declared with effect from 15 September 2018.

We recommend that customers stop using SITOP PSU8200 predecessor devices (6EP1437-3BA10, 6EP1457-3BA00, 6EP1437-3BA20) in new machines and plants immediately and use the new generation instead.

Successor products

The new SITOP PSU8200 can be used for existing applications. Backward compatibility is ensured without restrictions. The list price remains the same.

Phased-out product
8200 Modular

Successor product
8200 Modular

SITOP PSU8200 3-phase 24 V / 40 A


SITOP PSU8200 3-phase 24 V / 40 A


SITOP PSU300M 3-phase 48 V / 20 A


SITOP PSU8200 3-phase 48 V / 20 A


SITOP PSU300B 3-phase 24 V / 30 A


SITOP PSU3800 3-phase 24 V / 30 - 40 A



Customer benefits of successor products  

Emphasis is placed on the new and improved functionalities:

  • Low space requirements thanks to the slim design and the option of placing the modules directly next to each other

  • High energy efficiency

  • Low surface temperature

  • Reliable power supply even with fluctuating AC mains quality due to extended protective wiring of the input circuit

  • Remote activation and deactivation via Remote On/Off

  • Triggering of protective mechanisms by Power Boost

  • Reliable power supply even with short-term overload thanks to Extra Power

  • High plant availability due to the possibility of maintaining permanent 2-phase operation

  • Operating status analysis and further processing via integrated signaling contacts for "DC OK", "Overload", "Short-circuit" and "Latching & Thermal Shutdown"


Discontinuation of the predecessor products is planned after inventory is sold for January 2019. Once inventory has been sold, incoming orders for discontinued devices will automatically be substituted with orders for the respective successor products.


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