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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109760940, Entry date: 09/28/2018

Sales and delivery release SINAMICS V5.1 SP1 for SINAMICS S210 and SIMOTICS S-1FK2

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The SINAMICS Version 5.1 SP1 is available for the Drive System SINAMICS S210 in the 1AC 230V version with immediate effect. This version now provides the Extended Safety-Integrated functions for the SINAMICS S210 Drive System.


In addition to some extensions in the Webserver the Extended Safety-Integrated functions are now available for the new Drive System SINAMICS S210 with the SINAMICS Version 5.1 SP1.

The integrated safety functions can provide highly effective application-oriented protection for persons and machinery (terminology as defined in IEC 61800‑5-2).

The following Basic Safety-Integrated functions are included as standard:

  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Safe Brake Control (SBC)
  • Safe Stop 1 (SS1) 

Optionally the following Extended Safety-Integrated functions are available in addition (License required):

  • Safe Stop 2 (SS2)

  • Safe Operating Stop (SOS)

  • Safely-Limited Speed (SLS)

  • Safe Speed Monitor (SSM)

  • Safe Direction (SDI)

  • Safely-Limited Acceleration (SLA)

  • Diagnostic function Safe Brake Test (SBT) 

The Safety-Integrated functions are fully integrated in the drive system. They can be activated via fail-safe digital inputs on the converter (only STO and SS1) - or via PROFINET with PROFIsafe.

The Safety-Integrated functions are implemented electronically and therefore don’t require any additional installation effort or cabinet space. Furthermore the costs are reasonably lower when compared with monitoring functions that have been realized externally.

The Safety-Integrated functions can be commissioned easily by using the webserver of the converter.

A license is required when using the Extended Safety-Integrated functions. The license is stored on an SD-Card which needs to be plugged into the converter during operation. The license is directly assigned to the SD Memory card. Hence the use of licenses is possible with SINAMICS SD-Cards only.

The available stock of the SINAMICS S210 converters will not be updated. Therefore the converters will be delivered with SINAMICS V5.1 for the time being. SINAMICS S210 converters with Version 5.1 can be updated easily to the latest Firmware release by a Firmware-Update via SD Card.

Information about the update can be obtained from the SIOS Firmware for the desired Version:
SINAMICS S210 Firmware Download


The 1FK2 motors have been innovated for the use of the Extended Safety-Integrated functions.
In addition to the support of the functional safety the new encoders have quadrupled the resolution to 22 Bit.

With the previous SIMOTICS S-1FK2 only the Basic Safety-Integrated functions can be used. These motors cannot be upgraded with the new encoder type. The use of the Extended Safety-Integrated functions requires the motors with the new encoders.
The order numbers of the new safety suitable motors is described below.

The Motion Connect One-Cable-Connection OCC can be used without any changes.

Ordering and selection data

The ordering data for the Drive System SINAMICS S210 can be found in the updated catalog D32 09/2018. This can be found via the following link when it is available:
SINAMICS S210 Servo Drive System Catalog D32

Memory cards for SINAMICS S210

DescriptionArticle number 
SD Card, 512 MB, empty6SL3054-4AG00-2AA0
SD Card, 512 MB, with FW 5.1 SP16SL3054-4FB10-2BA0
SD Card, 512 MB, with FW 5.1 SP1
incl. Extended Safety License
6SL3054-4FB10-2BA0-Z F01

Extended Safety License
only „Certificate of License“ without SD Card
for Licensing of an already existing SD-Card


Change of Motor article numbers

GebertypOld (until 09/2018)
Basic Safety only
New (as of 09/2018)
Basic and Extended Safety
Absolute Singleturn1FK2■■■-■■■■■-■C■■1FK2■■■-■■■■■-■S■■
Absolute Multiturn1FK2■■■-■■■■■-■D■■1FK2■■■-■■■■■-■M■■

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