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DRIVES Behavior Library for SIMIT

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The goal of simulation in automation technology is to reproduce a machine, cell or plant as realistic as possible.

For this purpose, an equivalent in the virtual world must exist for each component involved in the real world.

  • A real controller can be represented with PLCSIM Advanced, the virtual S7-1500 controller, and a real HMI with HMI simulation in the virtual world.
  • In order to integrate the most realistic sensor and actuator behavior in the virtual world, the SIMIT Simulation Platform provides a comprehensive library of behavioral models.
  • The virtual 3D image of a real machine can be created, for example, using the NX Mechatronics Concept Designers (NX MCD).

The behavior library of SIMIT already contains some standard components, such as drives and valves. This library is being continually expanded, and with each new release of SIMIT, newly developed simulation blocks will be integrated. In addition, the components will be published in advance directly after completion in the Siemens Industry Online Support.

This library contains an extension of the standard DRIVES behavior library from SIMIT. The simulation blocks simulate the behavior of the corresponding PROFINET telegrams.

The following benefits result from the use of the blocks:

  • Simulation of drive behavior based on detailed PROFINET telegram models
  • Increasing the accuracy and thus the benefit of the simulation model
  • Possibility of virtual commissioning of a machine, line or plants
  • Training of personnel (operator training) on a realistic machine, line or plants

Documentation and Project
  Documentation general (843,9 KB)
  Documentation Telegram 81 (913,0 KB)
  Documentation Telegram 82 (922,2 KB)
  Documentation Telegram 83 (922,8 KB)
  Documentation Telegram 84 (926,1 KB)
  Documentation Telegram 750 (648,9 KB)
  Documentation Telegram 860 (649,0 KB)
  Documentation Telegram 861 (630,3 KB)
  Documentation Telegramm 111 (EPOS) (6,2 MB)
  Documentation Telegramm 900 (581,9 KB)
  Documentation Telegramm 901 (676,4 KB)
  Documentation Telegramm 902 (687,0 KB)
  Documentation Telegramm 903 (676,7 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig  SIMIT Project (569,5 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig  SIMIT Library (78,2 KB)

Further Information
SIMATIC SIMIT Simulation Platform - Overview

Last Changes 
New components (Tel. 111 – EPOS, Tel. 900 – 903) compatible with SIMIT V10.1 and higher

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