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Simulink® Web-Visualization-Converter

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The SWV Converter (Simulink® Web Visualization Converter) is an add-on for the SIMATIC Target 1500S V2.0. The converter creates an executable code for an ODK-compatible controller. In addition, the converter creates a web-based visualization based on the SIMATIC S7 web server.

The SIMATIC Target 1500S software is used by MATLAB/Simulink users in automation and control engineering to run a model or algorithm on an ODK compatible SIMATIC controller (SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller or SIMATIC S7-1518 ODK).
This application example shows you how to extend an existing Target1500S project with a web-based visualization using the SWV Converter.

You encode the Simulink model (1) with the SIMATIC Target 1500S (2) add-on. Then you download it to a controller (3) with ODK capability, such as the
SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller or SIMATIC S7-1518 ODK/MFP. Afterwards, you convert the model into a user-defined web page for the SIMATIC S7 web server (4) with the help of the SWV Converter and download it to the controller. You can now interact with your model via a web browser.

Web-based visualization lets you

  • monitor timelines of internal tags with the help of web traces.
  • read or write model parameters by means of parameter lists.

System requirements

  • STEP 7 Professional V15 Upd3
  • SIMATIC S7 1500 ODK 1500S V2.5
  • SIMATIC Target 1500S for Simulink V2.0
  • MATLAB/Simulink R2017b

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 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  Simulink® Web-Visualization-Converter and Project (TIA Portal V15) (2,7 MB) 
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