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Understanding and Using iPRP

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The IWLAN iFeature iPRP is the right solution for mobile communication participants and the highest demands on network accessibility. This entry shows how iPRP enables an interruption-free communication.

The question of the reliability of networks is particularly important in industrial applications. Interruptions, delays and losses of data packets can lead to serious problems and thus to high follow-up costs. Reliability is therefore an important, fundamental requirement, whether in wired or wireless industrial communication networks.

"Parallel Redundancy Protocol" redundancy technology
A redundancy technology that has established itself in the wired Ethernet world is the "Parallel Redundancy Protocol" (abbreviated to: PRP). In order to achieve redundancy, in this method the data is transmitted synchronously between two or more devices on physically different paths.
But PRP only works with two paths of approximately the same speed. In the WLAN area, however, cell changes can quickly lead to paths with different speeds.

"industrial Parallel Redundancy Protocol" redundancy technology
In order to make the principle of PRP also available in radio links with paths of different speeds, Siemens offers a solution with the proprietary iFeature "industrial Parallel Redundancy Protocol" (iPRP). iPRP is the extension of PRP by wireless data transmission via IWLAN.

Applicative implementation
In this application example you will learn:

  • how to establish a highly available, redundant and uninterrupted connection wirelessly via IWLAN with iPRP (seamless roaming).

  • the components you need.

  • how to test this connection afterwards. 

The following figure shows the structure of the application example::

The benefits of iPRP
When you use iPRP, you have the following benefits:

  • You can use IWLAN in a PRP network.

  • With iPRP, you can realize a highly available, redundant and uninterrupted connection in a wireless network.

  • To avoid unnecessarily burdening the wireless network with redundant telegrams, iPRP clients synchronize with each other.

Further Information

A video to iPRP you find at this entry:109747279

  Documenation (2,4 MB) 

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