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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109761108, Entry date: 10/04/2018

Delivery release: powerconfig V3.11

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An updated version of the commissioning and service software powerconfig V3.11 is now available for download. powerconfig is available free of charge via the Siemens Service & Support Portal. powerconfig V3.11 contains add-ons and all functions of powerconfig V3.10.

Now powerconfig V3.11 supports the following features:

  • 3VA27 MCCB from 800 until 1600 A
  • 3WT for Modbus RTU
  • As well as the latest Firmware Versions of measuring devices SENTRON PAC

Installation requirements for powerconfig V3.11:

powerconfig V3.11 can be installed on different Windows versions, Windows 7 [32 bit & 64 bit], Windows 8.1 [32 bit & 64 bit], Windows 10 [64 bit].

powerconfig V3.11 requires .net framework V4.7 on the Windows system.

The .net framework V4.7 is different for the specific windows versions. Due to this fact, .net framework may not be part of the content of the powerconfig V3.11 download.


.net framework V4.7 from Microsoft has to be installed on the Windows system before powerconfig V3.11 can be installed.

These circumstances may cause some Windows updates.

If powerconfig V3.11 is installed as replacement of powerconfig V3.10 then .NET V4.7 framework would be installed already, presumably.


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