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When is an AS STOP necessary when updating PCS 7 libraries?

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This entry shows which PCS 7 libraries are compatible with which version of PCS 7. We also show what to watch out for when updating PCS 7 libraries.

When updating PCS 7 libraries you might get an AS STOP. The overview given in the entry shows when an AS STOP is necessary when updating. Detailed information about updating between the different versions of PCS 7 libraries is given in the corresponding readme.

Fig. 1 Overview table

Vertically you have a display of all the currently available versions of the PCS 7 libraries and horizontally the PCS 7 versions.

If the updating of a PCS 7 library goes over a red line, updating is then only possible with an AS STOP. Updating that is not separated by a red line can be done without an AS STOP.

You can download the latest overview table here:
 Registrierung notwendig  Overview table (19,0 KB) 


  • Information about updating PCS 7 versions is available in the following entry:
  • Support for PCS 7 updating and upgrading between major releases is available in the Technical Support Extended: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/en/sc/4871
  • Please refer to the information in the PCS 7 Readme and the PCS 7 Compatibilities:
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