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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109761267, Entry date: 10/11/2018

Delivery release: SITOP PSU3400 DC/DC converter

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The SITOP PSU3400 DC/DC converters have now been released for global delivery from EC Nuremberg (DF LOG).

A DC/DC converter converts a DC voltage supplied at the input into a DC voltage with a higher, equal or lower voltage level.

A DC/DC converter can, for example, be used as a "refresher". This means that if long distances are bridged, this module ensures a reliable power supply to the remote load.

It is also used as a galvanic sepertaion, i.e. the downstream branch is separated from the feed.

This module is particularly suitable for use in battery-powered applications. The output voltage of the battery varies depending on the charge status. A DC/DC converter ensures a stable supply of 24 V DC from connected loads, such as a control unit (CPU).

Product highlights

By combining the technical features

  • Large input voltage range
  • Reverse polarity protection at the input
  • Consistently high efficiency from 91% to 93%

this device occupies a leading position in the market.

Other features of the power supply are:

  • Regulated DC output voltage for reliable supply of connected loads

  • Output voltage adjustable to compensate for voltage drops

  • Narrow design: 42 mm width

  • Permanent overload capability with 1.2 times the rated current up to 40 °C ambient temperature

  • Ambient temperature range from -25 to +70 °C (derating > 60 °C)

  • Multi-colored LED display for reliable identification of the operating state:
    Green for DC O.K., yellow for overload

  • Floating relay contact for further processing of the operating state

  • Insulation voltage input / output 1.5 kV DC

  • CE marking and cULus approval

  • Approvals for DNVGL, ABS (available soon)

  • Parallel switching for enhanced performance

Customer benefits

  • Operation with 24 V DC or 48 V DC batteries due to wide input voltage range

  • Avoidance of incorrect installation due to reverse polarity protection at the input

  • Small mounting footprint and space savings due to slim design and mounting in various positions

  • Adjustable output voltage for compensating voltage drops

  • Signaling contact for easy integration into plant monitoring

  • Low heat development in the control cabinet thanks to high energy efficiency of power supply

  • Low energy consumption due to high efficiency

  • Reduced energy losses even under load-free conditions due to very low no-load losses

  • Numerous certifications for all standard applications worldwide

  • Industry-specific use in marine engineering (maritime fields of application) through marine approval DNVGL and ABS              

Replacement and compatibility 

The new products expand the SITOP portfolio. The existing SITOP products will continue to be offered.

Additional information

Article number


Article number

24 V/24 V DC/DC, 10 A


24 V/12 V DC/DC, 15 A


48 V/24 V DC/DC, 10 A



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