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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109761382, Entry date: 10/18/2018

Delivery release for Camera Measurement System- SIMOCRANE CenSOR V2.0 HF3

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With immediate effect the camera measurement system SIMOCRANE CenSOR V2.0 HF3 has been generally released for delivery for both outdoor and indoor applications. This version replaces completely the previous version V2.0 HF2.

General information

SIMOCRANE CenSOR V2.0 HF3 is a camera measurement system which is usually used for cranes to determine the position of a mark within the distance range between 1 m and max. 55 m. This system comprises a camera and a reflector.

The whole system includes two variants: The outdoor camera, equipped with an infrared flash, is available with two different lenses and three different connection cable lengths. In addtional a stainless-steel housing provides sufficient protection for outdoor application. The indoor camera, equipped with an infrared flash, is available with one lense, one connection cable length and without stainless-steel housing. The camera measurement system is equipped with an Ethernet interface to communicate with the high-level controller. The Profnet and UDP protocols are supported. The reflector is a retroreflecting reflector and available in two different dimensions.

When using a camera measurement system, the reflector is installed on the spreader. The camera measurement system determines the reflector offset in a plane vertically to the camera axis and the reflector rotation. The camera measurement system is used with the SIMOCRANE sway control system. The camera measurement system acts as a monitor to detect any situation-related deviations from the ideal oscillatory behavior. We recommend that you use a camera on container quay cranes (STS). Due to the significant formation of dust, grab ship unloader cranes (GSU) are usually not equipped with a camera.

Function scope

In the version V2.0 HF3 of the SIMOCRANE CenSOR, the existing thermostats (5°C - 15°C) in reflectors have been replaced by one with a high switch-on and switch-off temperature (10°C - 25°C). In addition, the operating instructions have been updated.

More information about Camera Measurement System V2.0 and its compatibility to the predecessor version SIMOCRANE CenSOR M refer to the product note of delivery release for SIMOCRANE CenSOR V2.0  63878476 .

The camera measurement system measures the vertical deflection from the camera axis in millimeters, the distance between the camera and the reflector and the rotation around the camera axis. The reflector rotation is measured in degrees. The certainty of measurement data is checked and measurement values are corrected using different algorithms. The following measurements are recorded:

  • Deflection of the reflector in the x and y direction
  • Rotation angle of the reflector
  • Distance between the camera and the reflector

The measurements are updated every 50 ms (factory setting).

The selection of lenses and reflector depends on the crane lifting height. In case of increased accuracy requirements, the lens with the larger focal length is used. Thus, the measurement range of spreader is reduced due to the smaller opening angle.

Delivery scope

Outdoor Camera (6GA7202-1AA10-1..1, 6GA7202-1AA10-0..1)

  • stainless-steel housing with camera MV440, infrared flash and connection cable
  • Product-DVD-ROM

  • License certificate

  • Mounting instruction

  • Indoor Camera (6GA7202-1AA22-0BA1)
  • Camera MV440, infrared flash, bracket and connection cable
  • Product-DVD-ROM

  • License certificate

  • Mounting instruction


  • Reflector (6GA72011AA010AA0, 6GA72011AA020AA0)
  • 300x300 or 500x500 with heating

Spare part

  • spare camera (6GA7202-0AA00-0AA1)

Product Support

Readme file

  Readme_SIMOCRANE_CenSOR-V2.0_HF3.pdf (121,7 KB)

Compatibility list

  SimocraneCompatibility-20181011.pdf (139,1 KB)

Operation instruction camera measuring system SIMOCRANE CenSOR 08/2018 (refer to 20087

Declaration of Conformity

  Konformittsbescheinigung-Kamera.pdf (187,2 KB)

  Konformittserklärung-Outdoor_Kamera.pdf (150,3 KB)

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