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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109761408, Entry date: 10/29/2018

Delivery release of SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1

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SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1 - Integrated energy management in the TIA Portal
As an integrated option for the TIA Portal, SIMATIC Energy Suite links energy management with automation, thus creating energy transparency in the production system. The considerably simplified configuration of energy measuring components from the SIMATIC, SENTRON, SINAMICS, SIRIUS and SIMOCODE product families significantly reduces the configuration overhead.

SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1 is now available.
SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1 replaces the direct predecessor version SIMATIC Energy Suite V15 as an independent product and full version. The standard delivery of SIMATIC Energy Suite V15 ends with the availability of SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1.
  • SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1 can be requested as a free download via the following entry 109761410
  • As part of the Energy Suite Software Update Service, delivery takes place automatically.

Licensing V15.1
The license purchased for the V15 is also valid for the V15.1.

1. Overview of the range of functions

The following properties characterize SIMATIC Energy Suite: 

  • Integrated into the TIA Portal and automation

  • Simple and intuitive configuration instead of complex manual programming

  • Automatic generation of the PLC energy program for S7-1500 controllers (as of FW 2.0)

  • User-friendly integration of measuring components from the Siemens portfolio and from other vendors

  • Configuration of electrical and non-electrical media (e.g. kWh, m³, kg, unit)

  • Archiving in the data log1) of WinCC Professional or the SIMATIC memory card in the PLC

  • Interfacing to SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO

1) Archiving on redundant WinCC stations is not supported

New in V15.1:

  • New predefined HMI screens as part of the Energy Suite library provide fast and easy visualization in WinCC Runtime (Professional, Advanced, Comfort)
  • The Energy Suite report tool now also provides cost center reports. Simple cost transparency can be created in production by storing price tariffs and assigning cost centers.
  • Single-axis SINAMICS devices can now also be selected in Energy Suite as energy data source if they were integrated via Startdrive (previously integration was only supported via GSDML)
  • Many minor usability enhancements to simplify and speed up the engineering workflow.

2. Design

SIMATIC Energy Suite consists of the following components:

Engineering components (TIA Portal)

  • Adds new, integrated editors for configuration of the energy measurement points to the TIA Portal

  • Includes S7 program generator for automatic generation of the complete S7 program for acquisition, processing, buffering and archiving (WinCC Professional or SIMATIC memory card) of the energy values relevant to billing (power rating and energy)

WinCC Runtime components (toolbox for WinCC Professional)

  • Export tool for creation of basic energy reports of the energy data archived periodically in WinCC Professional to Excel files

  • Transfer tool for buffered communication of the periodic energy values relevant to billing from S7-1500 CPUs to the tag archive of WinCC Professional.

S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor for Machines
Evaluation of energy efficiency of machines with the S7 instruction 'S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor for Machines'

  • The Energy Suite is primarily aimed at the needs of plant operators and supports plant-wide energy transparency, starting with the supply. The new function 'S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor for Machines' specifically addresses machine builders (OEMs) and facilitates providing machines with functions to make energy usage transparent, rounding-off the functional scope of the Energy Suite - also at the machine level.
  • The function can be easily integrated as an S7 instruction in the S7 controller of the machine since it is already included in the scope of delivery of STEP 7 (TIA Portal) (in the S7 instruction library).
  • The S7 instruction offers the following functions:
Production-related and standardized determination of energy consumption and efficiency ratios in machines according to VDMA 34179 (e.g. kWh/unit, m³/unit)
Up to 10 types of energy per machine (e.g. electric, compressed air, water)
Up to 8 individually definable operating states (e.g. production, standby, off)
Easy integration into machine control system (S7-1200/1500) and on-site visualization of the efficiency status
Automatic long-term measurements (e.g. batch, shift)
Preparation of an efficiency report (.csv) for detailed evaluation and documentation
  • You can find additional information on 'S7 EE Monitor for Machines' in the following entry:  109753230

Further Links with Know How and Trainings for Energy Suite:

  • Energy Management with SIMATIC in the Industry Online Support 68043160
  • Compatibility Tool 64847781
  • SITRAIN-Training: SIMATIC Energy Suite 109755577

3. Hardware and software requirements

Note the following requirements for using the software:

SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1

Requirements for PC hardware

and operating system

  • in accordance with the requirement of the TIA Portal components:
- SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V15.1
- SIMATIC WinCC Professional/Advanced/Comfort/Basic V15.1

Supported STEP 7 version

  • SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V15.1

Supported WinCC versions

  • SIMATIC WinCC Professional/Advanced/Comfort/Basic  V15.1

Supported SIMATIC CPUs

  • S7-1500 CPU (without S7-1500S); as of FW2.0
  • ET 200SP CPU; as of FW2.0

S7 EE Monitor for Machines

Supported SIMATIC CPUs

  • S7-1500 CPU and ET 200SP CPU; as of FW2.1
  • S7-1200 CPU; as of FW4.2

4. Order overview

Engineering Basic package
Contains installation medium, floating license for engineering as well as license certificate4) for 10 energy objects2) (2x 5 EnO).

SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1 Engineering
(including 10 energy objects2)  (2x 5 EnO))

 Article no.

  • as package


  • Download


Engineering Upgrade packages
Contains installation medium, upgrade license for engineering.

SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1 Engineering,

Upgrade V14 -> V15.1

 Article no.

  • as package


  • Download


SIMATIC Energy Suite Engineering,

Software Update Service (SUS)

 Article no.

  • as package


  • Download


Engineering Trial package
Contains installation medium, 21-day trial license for engineering.

SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1 Engineering TRIAL
(21 days)

 Article no.

  • as package


  • Download
Entry: 109761410

PLC Runtime licenses3)

Runtime licenses for SIMATIC Energy Suite
Includes license certificates4) for activation of additional energy objects2) (EnO).

SIMATIC Energy Suite S7-1500

Article no. 

SIMATIC Energy Suite S7-1500, 5 energy objects2)  (1x 5 EnO)


  • as package


  • Download


SIMATIC Energy Suite S7-1500, 10 energy objects2)  (1x 10 EnO)


  • as package


  • Download


SIMATIC Energy Suite S7-1500, 10 energy objects2)  (2x 5 EnO)


  • as package


  • Download


SIMATIC Energy Suite S7-1500, 50 energy objects2)  (5x 10 EnO)


  • as package


  • Download


SIMATIC Energy Suite S7-1500, 100 energy objects2)  (10x 10 EnO)


  • as package


  • Download


Runtime licenses for 'S7 energy efficiency monitor for machines'
Includes license certificates4 for activation of the S7 instruction on the S7 controller (S7-1500 & S7-1200). One license is required per machine.

S7 Energy Efficiency Monitor for Machines

Article no. 

S7 EE Monitor for Machines S7-1500/1200 4)


  • as package


  • Download



2) 1 Energy object (EnO) corresponds to 1 energy process tag (e.g. one measuring instrument, one energy counter, one pulse signal)
3) PLC runtime licenses are countable and version-neutral
4) The correct number of existing license certificates must be configured in the properties of the CPU hardware in the TIA Portal.
5) The function requires configuration of the 20-digit license number in the S7 instruction

5. Readme

You can find additional information on SIMATIC Energy Suite V15.1 in the attached Readme file.
You can view this file in the portable document format (.pdf):

  ReadmeTIAPortalEnergySuiteenUS.pdf (109,8 KB)

Security information
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