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Programing a DENSO Industrial Robot Using a SIMATIC S7-1500

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This application example contains the programming of a DENSO robot with a SIMATIC S7-1500 using the function block library "DENSO Command Slave". The corresponding documentation explains stepwise how to set up the DENSO robot with TIA Portal using said function block library.

Industrial robots are becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, they are increasingly used in machines and plants. Their standardized mechanical system is fully developed and highly flexible in terms of the possible motions so that a robot has become the preferred choice over expensive special mechanical equipment. This allows production from lot size one upward even without expensive modifications to machines and plants.
Unfortunately, however, the plant control system and the robot controller are typically two different systems. Communication between the two controllers takes place mostly only at the bit level and the robot’s motion programs are permanently stored on the robot controller and can only be called by the plant control system. Therefore, it is relatively difficult to implement a flexible response of the robot to special plant events. Furthermore, the programming of the plant control system and the one of the robot mostly differ to a great extent so that both systems can generally not be supported by one person. Interface and coordination problems are therefore inevitable.

This application example shows how to use a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller to fully control and operate a DENSO industrial robot. To do this, the function block library "DENSO Command Slave" is used in TIA Portal, which provides all the necessary function blocks.
Communication between the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller and the DENSO industrial robot takes place via a PROFINET connection. All commands and status information between the SIMATIC controller and the robot are exchanged via this connection.

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Using the function block library "DENSO Command Slave", the SIMATIC controller takes full control of the DENSO industrial robot. The DENSO industrial robot consists of the DENSO robot controller RC8 or RC8A and the robot’s mechanical system, the actual robot. The interpreter for the commands of the function block library "DENSO Command Slave" is installed on the robot controller. The interpreter receives the commands from the SIMATIC controller and executes them on the robot’s mechanical system, including kinematic transformation. 


Note on the application example
In addition to the basic Application Example published here, there is also a more extensive example. This can be requested via Support Request with the specification of the product „TIA Robotics Library“.

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