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Which SNMP device profile has to be assigned to the switches of the SCALANCE XR-300WG product line in the OPC server?

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If you configure an SNMP object in the OPC server (OLE for Process Control), then you have to assign a device profile and a community to that object.
The XR-300WG switches support the same scope of functions as the switches from the SCALANCE XB-200 product line.
In the object properties of the OPC server you assign to the XR-300WG switch the device profile "Profil_SCALANCE_XB200_Vxy.txt"
from the SCALANCE series XB200 and select the choose.

  1. Open the object properties of the OPC server in the HW Config.
  2. In the "SNMP" tab you select the "Edit Plant Configuration..." button.
    The "Edit Plant Configuration" dialog opens.

    Fig. 1

  3. If you want to edit a specific node, you can use the "Import" button (1) to import the current nodes.
  4.  Click the "Edit..." button (2) to edit an existing node or click the "Add..." button to add a new node. The "Edit node" dialog or the "Add node" dialog opens. These two dialogs have the same structure. 

    Fig. 2

  5. If you are adding a new node, you specify a name and IP address (1).
  6. In the "Device profile" drop-down list box you select the option "Profil_SCALANCE_XB200_Vxy.txt" (2).
  7. In the "Community" drop-down list box (3) you define the access rights, public (read only), for example.
  8. Apply the changes by clicking "OK" (4).
  9. Close the object properties of the OPC server by clicking "OK".
  10. Compile and load the hardware configuration.

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