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SIMATIC Notifier- Smart Notifications for mobile devices

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SIMATIC Notifier is characterized by simple installation, configuration and commissioning. The efficient Smart Notification System follows the principle of "recognition - reaction - profit". With the help of Smart Devices, you can detect and correct faulty system states, which increases the productivity of the system.

With SIMATIC Notifier you can monitor your plant, production line or machine with your mobile device in combination with an OPC UA (DA) server or via S7 communication using Smart Notifications.

Special features and essential highlights of the SIMATIC Notifier are:

  • Detection and localization of plant or machine faults

  • Direct notification on smartwatches, smartphones and tablets

  • Increased productivity by avoiding downtimes

  • Freedom of movement and accessibility of employees through communication via WLAN

  • Generation of notifications on mobile devices based on tags and variables
    (OPC UA DA, S7-300/400 and S7-1200/1500)

  • User and role management for individual alerting

  • Notification Texts and triggering conditions can be individually configured

  • Takeover function for team applications

  • Simple retrofit/integration

  • Fast and user-friendly configuration

  • Encrypted communication via Wifi

You configure alerts, warnings and information messages on the OPC UA server that are triggered by events in your system. These are sent in the form of mobile notifications to the end devices of the users in your WLAN network.

A clear display of the messages on the mobile device gives the user a quick overview of the status of the system.

With a web engineering tool you define the user roles, assign devices and configure messages on the SIMATIC Notifier server. How you should proceed to increase your productivity is described in this application example.

  109761690_SIMATICNotifier_DOC_v4_0_en.pdf (5,6 MB)

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