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Line Integration at the Food & Beverage Industry - Line Control Unit (LCU)

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Siemens provides a TIA portal library that can be used immediately for production lines. The library enables a line to be controlled by a central SIMATIC controller. The functions and the implementation are realized by means of a line and can be simulated, visualized and tested using the provided WinCC user Interface.
The Line Control Unit is part of the line integration concept of the Food & Beverage Industry. You can find an overview of the line integration concept here.

Full view and control of a production line requires higher-level authority that can intervene with specific purpose and provides the ability to better coordinate individual, stand-alone machines with one another.

The example application contains a library of blocks to centrally coordinate and control production lines. This example shows the basic functionality. The logic and functionality of the line control can be extended by the user to meet individual requirements using the modular design. The concept is based on the guidelines of the OMAC User Groupin which the corresponding data points for the industry have been standardized. However, it can be adapted and extended to other standards, such as the Weihenstephan standards.
For questions concerning the application, please feel free to address your local Siemens representative.

The example project contains the following prepared elements for controlling and balancing a line more effectively: 

  • Centralized setting of a setpoint for the speed of the connected machines
  • Control of the machine PLC by the line PLC via defined signals according to the OMAC PackML standard (e.g. start and stop commands)
  • Monitoring of the machine states in the line and the reaction specifications of individual machines depending on them
  • Predictive speed specification for the machines based on the occupancy of upstream and downstream conveyor belts
  • Use of the blocks as a basis for centrally controlling a product change in the line

All functions are programmed according to the principles of software development and are available as non-protected library blocks. This allows an individual supplementation and adaptation of the logic by the integrator, e.g. with production-specific algorithms. It is relevant that the machines of the production lines can be controlled by a line PLC.

The functions are based on components of the line integration concept.

In the line PLC and the machine PLC, you use the interface blocks of the 
Plant Data Interface according to OMAC PackML and Weihenstephan,

as well as the communication blocks according to the
Plant Communication Concept.

A line PLC can be used both as a central element in line integration to connect an HMI using the Line HMI Library and also in parallel to these functions. Reliable and stable communication in the local production network is indispensable, and this is supported by additional modules for Network Planning and Diagnose in the line integration concept.

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