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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109762478, Entry date: 11/27/2018

Erroneous calibration of some measuring ranges of the 2AI RTD HF analog input module (6ES7134-4NB51-0AB0 , SIPLUS : 6AG1134-4NB51-2AB0 ) of the SIMATIC ET 200S

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On the modules concerned, the measuring ranges are not correctly calibrated in all cases. The measured values of the affected modules deviate considerably from the actual values.

Affected module

AI 2xRTD HF (Article No. 6ES7134-4NB51-0AB0 , SIPLUS: 6AG1134-4NB51-2AB0 )

Affected measuring ranges

·       Pt 100, Standard

·       Pt 200, Climate

·       Ni 100, Climate

·       Ni 100, Standard

·       Ni 120, Standard

·       Ni 120, Climate

·       Resistance, 300 ohms

Affected modules

Delivery time September to November 2018 with serial numbers S C-K9, S C-KO and S C-KN , and SIPLUS : L B K9, L B -LO, L B-LN

Modules which were calibrated correctly during the period affected are marked on the front with a color dot next to the function release (see picture).

Possible alternative solution

You can use the measuring range Pt 100 Climate as a replacement for the measuring range Pt 100 Standard without restrictions if the temperature to be measured is in the range between -145 °C and + 155 °C. In this case, only the measuring range parameter would have to be changed.


Marking on checked modules

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