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When compiling in WinCC Comfort/Advanced and WinCC flexible 2008 SP5, why does an error occur if an HMI project with the Korean language has been upgraded to a Windows 10 system?

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Installing fonts

If you upgrade a project to a Windows 10 system or open such a project and the the Korean language is being used, an error might occur during compiling.

With the Korean language the "Gulim" font is used.
This is available by default in a Windows 7 system but not in a Windows 10 system.
This is why the font is marked in red under "Language & font" in the Runtime or the Device Settings.

You can copy the font from the "Windows > Fonts" folder of any Windows 7 system and import it into the "Windows > Fonts" of the Windows 10 system.

You then restart the system and the font can be processed by the HMI system and is no longer marked in red. There is no longer an error during compiling.

Further information is available in the manual in the chapter entitled "Missing Fonts (Panels)".

This also applies for WinCC flexible 2008 SP5.