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S7-Fail-safe Configuration Tool (S7-FCT)

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You can find the S7 Fail-safe Configuration Tool (S7-FCT) here. S7-FCT enables you to use selected F-I/Os from SIEMENS in third-party engineering systems by means of a GSD configuration.

S7-FCT enables you to use selected F-I/Os from SIEMENS in third-party engineering systems by making available the F_iParCRC calculation and the F-I/Os addressing according to PROFIsafe address type 2.

The engineering system supports CPD system integration in line with "PROFIsafe - Profile for Safety Technology on PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO".

Functionality of the S7-Fail-safe Configuration Tool
The S7-FCT offers the following functionality:

  • Support of GSD configuration of fail-safe ET 200 modules of PROFIsafe address type 2
  • Calculation and provision of the F_iPar_CRC for fail-safe module parameters
  • Assignment of F-source and F-destination target addresses to the fail-safe modules

Supported Peripherals

ET 200SP F-IOsArticle-No.
F-DI 8x 24VDC HF6ES7136-6BA00-0CA0 
F-DQ 4x24VDC/2A PM HF6ES7136-6DB00-0CA0
F-DQ 8x24VDC/0.5A PP HF6ES7136-6DC00-0CA0
F-PM E PPM6ES7136-6PA00-0BC0
F-RQ 1x 24VDC/24...230VAC/5A ST6ES7136-6RA00-0BF0

 PROFINET GSD-files: I/O  - ET 200SP 57138621 

ET 200ecoPN F-IOsArticle-No.
F-DI 8 x 24 VDC, 4xM12 / F-DQ 3 x 24VDC/2.0A PM, 3xM126ES7146-6FF00-0AB0

 PROFINET GSD-files: I/O - ET 200eco PN 33291771 

The software is subject to export restrictions. Only registered users can download the software. Please note that due to high demand, registration for downloads subject to export restrictions may take some time. See also 109744535 

 VersionInstallation files Documentation 

 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle  S7_FCT_V2.zip (116,9 MB)


Third-party software - License conditions and copyright notes

Copyright notes for the third-party software in this product, in particular the open source software, as well as the applicable license conditions, can be found in the
"Readme_OSS – SIMATIC S7-FCT V2.0" file.

You can find the manual for the S7 Fail-safe Configuration Tool under entry ID:   109763833

Note also the following product informations:

  • "SIMATIC ET 200SP Dependencies during configuration with GSD files for ET 200SP fail-safe modules"
    under entry ID: 109763851
  • "SIMATIC Distributed I/O Configuring ET 200eco PN Fail-Safe Modules with a GSDML File"
    under entry ID: 109764454

Annex 2 of the Report to the Certificate Z10 067803 0020 under enty ID: 109764281 

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