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SIMATIC Modular Application Creator

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With the Modular Application Creator, you can create high-quality machine projects automatically based on predefined and tested equipment modules. With this procedure you avoid sources of error and save time during engineering and commissioning.

The Modular Application Creator enables the automatic generation of TIA Portal projects. Especially with complex machine configurations, such as multi-belt control or other multi-axis applications, this is very efficient compared to manually creating and assigning software blocks and parameters to the automation project directly in the TIA Portal.

The starting point is a TIA Portal project, with the needed hardware prepared. The software, which is then generated in the automation project, is defined in so called equipment modules (the corresponding download can be found under the entry ID  109762849).  The modules offer a technological view of the application and can be used without any knowledge of TIA Portal programming. The modules are stored in a separate repository that is independent of the tool itself and has to be connected via the settings.

After starting the tool, the user can select a prepared TIA Portal project and create a project with it. In this process, the TIA Portal project is read out and the equipment modules available for the machine project are displayed. Then required equipment modules must then be assigned to a PLC in the project.

The parameterization of an equipment module itself is performed in a technological view that maps this application in its specific input options. Examples are axes names, setting parameters from mechanical design, etc. The user is supported by a validation of the inputs, which not only takes incorrect inputs into account but also cross-dependencies, in order to exclude sources of error here.

When the parameterization is completed, all required components including the parameter values and the interconnection to the drives are generated into the TIA Portal project at the push of a button. Then these parts of the TIA Portal project can be downloaded and the functionality can be tested.

To generate a TIA Portal project that runs in a machine, a corresponding license is required in each PLC into which a module is generated:

  • for standard modules like OMAC or Weihenstephan the order number is 6ES78230MA001BA0
  • for modules with extended functionality such as Intelligent Belt, order number is 6ES78230MA001DA0

In the background, the information of all used components and modules including their parameterization as well as the generated TIA Portal project is saved in a project directory, which can be read out again at any time using various filter mechanisms.


The Modular Application Creator Start Application:
 Registrierung notwendig  Modular_Application_Creator_02.00.110.00_12.16.2019.zip (4,6 MB)

SHA_256: 5E913DD577B537C74A1605B13A3502497679B782DD26ED1062A224449381E860
Information to SHA 256: 109483101 

The Modular Application System components:
 Registrierung notwendig  Modular_application_Creator_System_Components_02.00.110.00_12.16.2019.zip (2,2 MB)
SHA_256: 67890899C2AB14E39B74E2C6C712BD7A265302D0BA7BF076688584B3F00FDDBE

Installation instructions

Please download the Modular Application creator.zip and save it in a directory of your choice. After unzipping, start the ModularApplicationCreator.exe. A disclaimer will then appear when you start it for the first time. Please read this disclaimer carefully. If you have accepted the conditions, you are asked to connect the directory that was created previously, which contains the equipment modules and and already the needed system components. If this is successful, you can just start working with the Modular Application Creator. Details can also be found in the Getting Started document below on this page. 

If you want to generate the resulting TIA Portal project, you need a TIA Portal version V16 and a StartDrive V16, installed on the same computer with activated Openness interfaces each. The tool automatically connects to the TIA Portal at the start of generation.

In order to activate the Openness interface, please follow the instructions in this entry ID: 109773802 in the chapter “Adding users to the "Siemens TIA Openness" user group”.

Getting Started:

The Getting started guides the user through the first steps of using the Modular Application Creator up to the creation of a TIA Portal project. For this final step, however, it is necessary to install a TIA Portal version V16 and a StartDrive V16 with an activated openness interface each:
  Getting_Started_Modular_Application_Creator_EN.pdf (850,6 KB)

Release Notes:

The release notes describes what the user should consider when using version V2.0:
  Release-Notes_Modular_Application_Creator_V2.0_EN-DE.pdf (297,9 KB)



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motioncontrol_apc_applications, S7-1500, S7-1500T/TF, TIA Portal V16

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