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文档类型 产品通知 文档编号 109762885, 文档发布日期 2018年12月20日

Sales and Delivery Release for SIMATIC WinCC/CalendarOption V 7.5

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The new version SIMATIC WinCC/Calendar Scheduler V7.5 is herewith released for delivery.
The new version SIMATIC WinCC/Calendar Scheduler V7.5 is herewith released for delivery.

Please note that the SIMATIC WinCC/Calendar Scheduler V7.5 requires SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 or higher updates and service packs (see entry IDs: 109759993

1. The Functions at a Glance

The option SIMATIC WinCC/Calendar Scheduler provides a calendar-based user interface in the style of Microsoft Office that makes scheduling easy and safe. The option consists of a Calendar Control as well as editors, with which the calendar, events and their associated actions can be configured and managed. Direct connections to WinCC tags can be set up and global scripts executed for the planned events and actions.

    Calendar Scheduler Editor

    In this editor the actions to be executed are created. Subsequently, events can be preconfigured.
    Calendar Control

    The Calendar Control is configured in the Graphics Designer and can be made dynamic in WinCC using all WinCC standard mechanisms such as tag connections, VBS, C, direct connections or dynamic dialogs.
     Supported functions       

    Access protection via the WinCC User Administrator
    - Dragging & dropping of events 
    - Different calendars 
    - User-defined calendar views 
    - Traceability through event messages in the WinCC alarm system 
    - Server client, redundancy and Web Navigator 

    2. System requirements

    The software and hardware requirements for WinCC/Calendar Scheduler V7.5 are the same as for WinCC V7.5. The same operating systems as for WinCC V7.5 are supported (see entry  ID: 109759993 )

    3. Licensing

    The license is valid for each single-user or server. No license is required on the WinCC Clients. 

    The following license is available:

      SIMATIC WinCC/Calendar Scheduler V7.5

      4. Quantity structure

      There are no quantity limitations with regard to

        the number of events the number of actions  the number of controls 

        5. Delivery Scope and Ordering Data

        The delivery of the WinCC/Calendar Scheduler is comprised of the WinCC/Calendar Options V7.5 CD, a USB stick and a Certificate of License. The documentation in five languages is contained on the CD.

        Product NameOrder Number
        WINCC/CALENDAR OPT UPGR V7.2/7.3 -> V7.56AV6372-1DC07-5AX3
        WINCC/CALENDAR OPT UPGR V7.4 -> V7.56AV6372-1DC07-5AX4
        WINCC/CALENDAR O. UPGR V7.2/7.3->V7.5 DL6AV6372-1KC07-5AX3
        WINCC/CALENDAR OPT UPGR V7.4 -> V7.5 DL6AV6372-1KC07-5AX4


        (* The license upgrades (6AV6372-1DC07-5AX?) are valid for both programs (Calendar Scheduler and Event Notifier) of the Calender options. With the purchased upgrade license the upgrade can only be applied to one of the programs (Calendar Scheduler or Event Notifier) on each server. If you require upgrades for both programs and for several servers, you must purchase the corresponding number of upgrades.    

        The ordering data for WinCC V7.5 can be found in the delivery release with the entry ID 109759993