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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109762890, Entry date: 12/19/2018

Release for delivery of SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control V1.0 SP2

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Effective immediately, the SIMOCRANE drive-based sway control V1.0 SP2, based on SINAMICS CU310-2 and CU320-2, is released for delivery for application of mid-performance overhead bridge cranes (OHBC).

This version completely replaces the previous version V1.0 SP1 HF1 and is not downwards compatible.


SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control is a crane sector solution for mid-performance crane applications. This crane solution does not overlap with the high-performance solution - SIMOCRANE sway control system both regarding the hardware as well as the functional scope. SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control represents a perfect supplement to the SIMOCRANE product portfolio. This means that Siemens Cranes is also offering advanced technology for the mid-performance crane market.

The load starts to sway each time that the crane accelerates or brakes. The SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control ensures that these load oscillations are eliminated when the crane is manually operated or is automatical positioning, so that goods can be quickly transported by crane without incurring any risk or damage.

SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control is, as the name suggests, drive-based and can be used as standalone system or with SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology. Both products together offer a compact solution within the SINAMICS world for most mid-performance crane applications. More information about SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Technology is available in article 109758648 .

SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control can be applied for both single-axis (CU310-2) applications and multi-axis (CU320-2) applications. With the SINAMICS FW V5.1 all frame sizes of power module PM240-2 can be used in applications.

Further, standard applications and application descriptions are provided on the product DVD and Internet. This means that users have a ready-to-run solution as well as a ready-to-apply solution. 

Advantages of SIMOCRANE drive-based sway control include:

  • Crane Technology embedded in drive, so that no additional hardware is required.g
  • Load can be moved with sway damped in manual mode or positioned with sway controlled. In this way operation gets safer and higer productivity
  • simple and fast commissioning with few effort
  • High degree of flexibility as a result of many adaptation options
  • low costs

Target group and level of knowledge

SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control addresses three target groups. It is assumed that these target groups have the following know-how:

  • Engineering: Basic SINAMICS knowledge
  • Commissioning engineers: Basic SINAMICS knowledge
  • End users: no special knowledge

Functional scope

The main function of the Drive-Based Sway Control Version V 1.0 SP2 involves controlling the sway of a crane axis when it is being manually operated or automatically positioned. It makes crane driver relaxed and increases productivity. The highlight of version 1.0 SP2 is the release of the operation mode 'positioning'. In this way the drive can move to a given target position with required accuracy and sway controlled.

The subsequently listed functions depend on the operating mode and the license that has been purchased.
Manual mode (manual license)
● Manually move the drive without sway control.
● Move the drive with sway control. The sway damping factor can be set as needed.

Positioning mode (basic license)
● The drive is moved position- and sway-controlled to a specified target position. The sway damping factor can be set as needed.
● The target position can be changed while moving.
● Define and monitor the operating range for positioning.

The SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control V1.0 SP2 is not compatable to its previous versions V1.0 SP1 HF1. A re-commissioning is required by upgrading of version or function.

Order and Delivery scope

The product is available in four different product variants. The variants differ in the scope of delivery, the number of sway-controlled axes that can be used
and the functions (operating modes). The functions of the Drive-Based Sway Control technology package are enabled by the licenses included in the different product variants.

Single-axis application:

Both packages include:

      • a CompactFlash memory card with::

                          - Standard Firmware-Version SINAMICS FW V5.1

                          - Installed license according to the license certificate 

      • A DVD with

        - STARTER installation file of the Drive-Based Sway Control technology package 

        - card image for preconfigured "Ready to run" application example

                         - Product documentation

                         - Readme files

                         - Project examples (applications) with descriptions ("Ready-to-Apply") 
  • A license certificate for the single-axis application

Multi-axis applications:

Both order numbers include:

  • License certificate of the selected functionality for multi-axis application

The software for installation, operating instructions, application examples and application description are provided in the Internet 109483531 for multi-axis applications with CU320-2 DP and CU320-2 PN.

You need a CompactFlash memory card with standard Sinamics FW V5.1 (6SL3054-0FB00-1BA0), which is not part of the delivery scope. 

Product Support

Operating instructions SIMOCRANE Drive-Based Sway Control 10/2018 (see 109762487)


  Readme_SIMOCRANE_DriveBased_SwayControl-V1.0_SP2.pdf (146,0 KB)

  ReadMe_OSS.pdf (34,6 KB)

Product slides:

  SIMOCRANE_DBSC-V1.0_SP2-2018.12.pdf (2,7 MB)

Compatibility list for SIMOCRANE to the SIMATIC/SIMOTION/SINAMICS (see 56227827 )

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