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SIDOOR AT40 BASIC,SIDOOR AT40 RELAY und SIDOOR AT40 CAN Firmware update V1.44 to V1.47

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Firmware update: V1.44 to V1.47
Scope and purpose:

This document provides an overview of the new functions and the release status of the firmware for the products SIDOOR AT40 BASIC, SIDOOR AT40 RELAY and SIDOOR AT40 CAN with firmware version V1.47.


This firmware contains important function extensions that facilitate the operation in existing elevator systems and support service engineers in their work.



New functionality:


1. CANopen virtual terminal.


  • Via the CAN bus, the service menu can be displayed and operated by means of a “virtual terminal“.

  • The display text of the AT40 service menu (2 lines with 16 characters) is transferred as
    SAM-MPDO to the virtual terminal. The key codes of the virtual terminal are transferred as DAM-MPDOs and implemented in commands to control the service menu.

  • On the basis of the CANopen application profile CiA 417, the CAN object “Virtual Terminal Interface“ (0x600A) has been implemented for this.

  • Sub-index 0x01 of the object 0x600A corresponds to the keyboard input channel, and sub-index 0x02 to the display output channel.

  • The character set ISO-8859-15 is used for coding the characters. The available control sequences are described in VT-52. (www.canopen-lift.org/wiki/Virtuelle_Konsole)


    CANopenObject ID 0x600A
    TPDOObject ID 0x1801
    Mapping      0x1A01
    RPDO Object ID0x1401
    Mapping       0x1601


2. Activation of the holding torques in the end positions of the door without active travel command


The "Continuous torque without travel command" function can be set with a separately adjustable parameter.

  •  "No" setting  
 à Factory setting (not activated)
  •  “Yes" setting  
 à When the door has reached the end position, the continuous torque is activated.


This new function prevents an oscillation of the door in the end positions when the travel command is canceled by the higher-level elevator control when the end position of the door has been reached.

Notice: The values of the idle torques must be set in such a way that the door can be held in the position against a counterweight or spring force that pushes the door out of the end position.



3. Input 1 (light barrier / DCPS) can be deactivated in a third function


Notice: Thanks to the new function it is no longer necessary to install hardware jumpers when the light barrier is not needed. It can be simply deactivated in a menu.

  •  “LS“ setting
 à Factory setting (light barrier activated)
  •  “DCPS“ setting
 à The "Door close position sensor" function is activated.
  •  Setting “deactivated“
 à Input 1 has no function and wiring with hardware jumpers to turn off the light barrier is no longer necessary.


4. The light barrier reaction can now be configured.


The reaction to an interruption in the closing direction of the door can now be parameterized for SIDOOR. A complete opening as well as "tracking mode" are possible as long as the light barrier is interrupted.

  •  "No" setting  
 àFactory setting (tracking mode). The door opens as long as the light barrier is interrupted. 
  •  “Yes" setting  
 àThe door opens completely along the entire door path after interruption of the light barrier. For this, the close command must remain pending.

 Frequent reversal in case of short-term interruptions of the light barrier is prevented by the new function.



5. Readable checksum

The checksum is stored internally for unique identification of the firmware. For acceptance or certification of the elevator door control system, the inspector can read out the checksum with a menu command.




6. Automatic presetting for SIDOOR AT40 CAN

 For controllers with internal CAN module, command output via CAN is the factory default setting.


Factory default setting:

  •  Command output:  
  •  Baud rate:   
  •  Node ID: 
  •  Door number:   
  •  CAN Condition Monitoring: 

7. Slow travel to "OPEN" end position


The creep speed can be reduced to 3 cm/s by a separately adjustable parameter about 1 to 2 cm before reaching the end position "OPEN".

This setting is independent of the set creep speed through the creep distance that can be set with 3-9 cm/s.

  • "No" setting  
 à Factory setting (not activated)
  •  “Yes" setting  
 àThe creep speed preset to 3 cm/s is automatically activated about 1 to 2 cm before the "OPEN" end position so that the door

  slowly travels to the end position.


8. Door control system status


The condition of the door control system can be requested via the CAN interface using SDO.
The CANopen interface has been extended by the following manufacturer-specific CAN objects:

Door 1: 0x4111, door 2: 0x4112, door 3: 0x4113, door 4: 0x4114.

The following sub-indexes are available for these CAN objects:

  1. Operating state of the door control system
    (undefined, learn run, initial mode, normal operation, fault)

  2. Display code of the 7-segment display



9. Debounced learn run button

 For a learn run to be started, the learn run button must be pressed for at least 500 ms.




10. Function corrections


CAN start message

  •  Correction:  After starting or resetting the CAN interface, the CAN “boot-up“ message has been sent twice.


CAN error codes


  • In case of unused CANopen objects, different error codes are output for  the error cases “Data are not accepted“ (App does not accept present data) and “Sub-index does not exist“.


CAN baud rate

  •  The algorithm for automatic baud rate identification has been optimized.



Detailed descriptions of the new functions and of the CAN objects supported in SIDOOR are provided in the product-specific documentation at the following link:

  • System Manual SIDOOR AT40, ATD400V, Edition 11/2018,


  • SIDOOR Controllers for elevator doors, Compact User Manual, Edition 11/2018, ATE46306667-AA

  • Manufacturer-specific CANopen objects, Edition 11/2018,



The firmware update can only be used with the following door control systems:

 DescriptionArticle number 
 SIDOOR AT40 BASIC    6FB1111-0AT11-3AT0
 SIDOOR AT40 CAN  6FB1111-1AT10-3AT3



The SIDOOR SOFTWARE KIT (6FB1105-0AT01-6SW0) is required for the download.

  Registrierung notwendig  FW_AT40_V01.47.1065.zip (216.0 KB) 

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