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SIDOOR ATD400V RELAY firmware update: V1.07 to V1.08

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FW update: V1.07 to V1.08

Scope and purpose:

This document provides an overview of the new functions and the release status of the firmware for the product SIDOOR ATD400V RELAY with firmware version V1.08.

This firmware contains important functional expansions which facilitate use in existing elevator systems and support service personnel.


The service menu has been extended by the display of the new functions.


New functionality:


1. Activation of holding torques in the end positions of the door without active door command


The function "Idle torque without door command" can be set via a separately adjustable parameter.

  • Setting "No"        --> Factory setting (not activated)

  • Setting "Yes"           --> When the door has reached the end position, the idle torque is activated.


With this new function, oscillation of the door in the end positions of the door is avoided
if the door command is withdrawn by the higher-level elevator control when the end position of the door is reached.

Caution: The values of the idle torques must be set in such a way that the door can be held in the position against a counterweight or spring force that pushes the door out of the end position.



2. Input 1 (light barrier / DCPS) can be disabled in a third function


Caution: With the new function, it is no longer necessary to insert bridges in the hardware when a light barrier is not required. Deactivation can be performed simply via the menu.


  • Setting "LS"           --> Factory setting (light barrier activated)

  • Setting "DCPS"     --> The "Door close position Sensor" function is activated.

  • Setting "Disabled"           --> Input 1 has no function and wiring with  HW bridges to turn off the light barrier is no longer necessary.


3. Readable checksum


For clear identification of the firmware, the checksum is stored internally and can be read out via a menu item, for example, by an auditor during approval or certification of the elevator door control.




4. Slow travel to "OPEN" end position


Via a separately adjustable parameter, the slow end speed can be reduced to 3 cm/s 1-2 cm before reaching the end position "OPEN".

This setting is made regardless of the slow end speed in the slow end distance, which can be set between 3-9 cm/s.

  • Setting "OFF"       --> Factory setting (not activated)

  • Setting "ON"          --> The slow end speed specification with 3 cm/s takes effect automatically 1-2 cm

                                           before the end position "OPEN" so that the door

                                           travels slowly to the end position.



5. The light barrier reaction can now be configured.


The reaction to an interruption in the closing direction of the door can now be configured with SIDOOR. Both complete opening and "tracking mode" are possible as long as the light barrier is interrupted.


  • Setting "No"       --> Factory setting (tracking mode). The door opens as long as

                                           the light barrier is interrupted. 

  • Setting "Yes"          --> The door opens completely over the entire doorway after

         a light barrier interruption. The closing command must

         remain pending for this purpose.

Frequent reversing in the event of brief interruptions of the light barrier are prevented by the new function.



6. Debounced learn run button


The learn run button must be pressed for at least 500 ms for a learn run to be started.




A detailed description of the new functions is provided in the product-specific documentation at the LINK:

  • System Manual SIDOOR AT40, ATD400V, edition 11/2018,


  • SIDOOR Controllers for elevator doors, Compact Operating Instructions, edition 11/2018, ATE46306667-AA


The FW update can only be used with the following door control system:

  • SIDOOR ATD400V RELAY  MLFB: 6FB1111-1AT10-3VE2


The SIDOOR SOFTWARE KIT (6FB1105-0AT01-6SW0) is required for the download.

 Registrierung notwendig  FW_ATD400V_V01.8.1066.sx.zip (209.0 KB)

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