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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109763096, Entry date: 02/13/2019

Sales and delivery release: SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED system software V4.90

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The software V4.90 for SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED has been released for sales and delivery. The suitable PPU hardware: SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED PPU15x.3 and PPU16x.3.

new features in SW4.90:

Sinumerik 808 SW4.90 feature introduction

SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED can support 3 new software options:

New SW options supported since SW4.90 release

Only hardware version PPU15x.3 and PPU16x.3 can support SW4.90.

Path on PridaNet:

Components --> Information and data --> SINUMERIK 808D -->Software--> SINUMERIK 808D software--> 808D system software V04.90

IMPORTANT: The CNC software V4.90 can only run on Sinumerik 808D Advanced PPU15x.3 and PPU16x.3. For other hardware version, V4.8 SP1 HF1 is the final software version for PPU16x.2, ppu141.2 and PPU141.3; V4.4 SP2 HF8 is the final software version for PPU141.1. This must be particularly observed when system upgrading.

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