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SICAM A8000 CP-8000, CP-8021, CP-8022 Package V1402

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Release Package V1402 Firmware for SICAM A8000

Firmware update for

  • 6MF21010AB100AA0,  CP-8000 24-60VDC -25 bis +70°C
  • 6MF21011AB100AA0,  CP-8000 24-60VDC -40 bis +70°C
  • 6MF28021AA00, CP-8021 Master Module
  • 6MF28022AA00, CP-8022 Master Module with GPRS Modem

Previous Version

SICAM A8000 CP-8000, CP-8021, CP-8022 Package V1401

Installation Notes

The update of the firmware and (if necessary) of the associated adaption of the configuration can be performed with the SICAM TOOLBOX II or with SICAM WEB. The loading of the firmware is also possible without a tool, solely via the SD card.

Required user action via SICAM Device Manager:

The firmware files with the extensions * .bin and * .web, from the unzipped file BinaryUpdate.zip, can be stored on any PC directory and are imported into the target system via the menu item "Load firmware" in the SICAM Device Manager.
Only digitally signed firmwares are supported.

Required user action via SICAM TOOLBOX II:

To be able to perform an update, first the new firmware must be imported into the SICAM TOOLBOX II (firmware files from the unzipped file TBIIUpdate.zip). For the adaption of the configuration in the target device the settings must be upgraded in the OPM II (system technique), afterwards the firmware must be loaded into the target device.

Required user action via SICAM WEB:

The update of the firmware can be performed via the corresponding menu “Firmware update“. (Firmware files from the unzipped file BinaryUpdate.zip)

Required user action with SD card:

First the SD card must be removed from the target device, then the new firmware  (firmware files from the unzipped file BinaryUpdate.zip) can be copied into the directory “IN” of the SD card. Afterwards the SD card must be put into the target device, that thereupon performs a startup.


 Registrierung notwendig  ReleaseNotes.zip (229,7 KB)


 Registrierung notwendig  SWEBUpdate.zip (25,3 MB)


 Registrierung notwendig  TBIIUpdate.zip (34,6 MB)

Third Party Software - Terms of License and Copyright

Open Source Software:

Among other things, this product contains Open Source Software that was developed by third parties. The Open Source Software included with this product and the relevant Open Source Software license agreement can be found in Readme_OSS. The Open Source Software program is protected by copyright. You are permitted to use the Open Source Software according to the Open Source Software license agreement.

You can download the Readme_OSS file here

 Registrierung notwendig  ReadmeOSS.zip (101,3 KB)

Package Content

103MT0 Protection Master IEC60870-5-103 Version: 0501
TBII Update: 65012605.01
SWEB Update: S26-501-1_0501.bin

AGPMT0 AGP Coupling Master Version: 02
TBII Update: 65142602.
SWEB Update: S26-514-1_0200.bin

BMCUT0 BENNING MCU ASCII-Prot. (PP-M) Version: 0203
TBII Update: 85042602.03
SWEB Update: SC8-504-1_0203.bin

BPPT0 Point-Point Traffic IEC60870-5-101 Version: 0304
TBII Update: 65102603.04
SWEB Update: S26-510-1_0304.bin

COUMT0 Counter IEC61107,62056-21 Master Version: 03
TBII Update: 65152603.
SWEB Update: S26-515-1_0300.bin

CPC80 Central Processing/Communication Version: 1402 **NEW**
TBII Update: 80802414.02
SWEB Update: SC8-080-1_1402.bin

DIAST0 Dial-up Slave IEC60870-5-101 Version: 0301
TBII Update: 34822603.01
SWEB Update: S23-482-1_0301.bin

DNPiT1 DNP3/TCP Slave Version: 0221
TBII Update: 85062602.21
SWEB Update: SC8-506-1_0221.bin

DNPiT2 DNP3 TCP/IP Master Version: 0221
TBII Update: 85222602.21
SWEB Update: SC8-522-1_0221.bin

DNPMT0 DNP3 MTP-Master Version: 0210
TBII Update: 65162602.10
SWEB Update: S26-516-1_0210.bin

DNPST0 DNP3 MTP-Slave Version: 0630
TBII Update: 65042606.30
SWEB Update: S26-504-1_0630.bin

ET84 Ethernet Interface IEC60870-5-104 Version: 0501
TBII Update: 85012605.01
SWEB Update: SC8-501-1_0501.bin

ET85 Ethernet Interface IEC61850 Ed.2 Version: 0310
TBII Update: 85052603.10
SWEB Update: SC8-505-1_0310.bin

MBSiT0 MODBUS TCP/IP Slave (Server) Version: 01
TBII Update: 85092601.
SWEB Update: SC8-509-1_0100.bin

MODMT2 GOULD MODBUS Master (FCM) Version: 0620
TBII Update: 85022606.10
SWEB Update: SC8-502-1_0610.bin

MODST0 GOULD MODBUS Slave Version: 0201
TBII Update: 65132602.01
SWEB Update: S26-513-1_0201.bin

OPUPT0 AMQP/MQTT (IOT) Version: 01 **NEW**
TBII Update: 85072601.
SWEB Update: SC8-507-1_0100.bin

OPUPT1 Mindsphere (IOT) Version: 01 **NEW**
TBII Update: 85082601.
SWEB Update: SC8-508-1_0100.bin

PCBST0 SK 1703 Multi-Point Slave MPT-S Version: 0201
TBII Update: 65112602.01
SWEB Update: S26-511-1_0201.bin

RP5UT1 ABB RP570/571 MPT-S Version: 03
TBII Update: 65122603.
SWEB Update: S26-512-1_0300.bin

SMST0 Protocol (ASCII), SMS-Alerting Version: 0301
TBII Update: 65062603.01
SWEB Update: S26-506-1_0301.bin

TBII Update: 65052603.01
SWEB Update: S26-505-1_0301.bin

SWEB00 SICAM WEB Version: 0511 **NEW**
SWEB Update: SWEB0005.F11

TG8ST0 L&G TELEGYR 800 MPT-S Version: 0202
TBII Update: 65072602.02
SWEB Update: S26-507-1_0202.bin

UMPMT0 Multipoint Master IEC60870-5-101 Version: 0202
TBII Update: 65002602.02
SWEB Update: S26-500-1_0202.bin

UMPST0 Multipoint Slave IEC60870-5-101 Version: 0602
TBII Update: 34812606.02
SWEB Update: S23-481-1_0602.bin

USIO80 Universal Signal In-/Output Version: 06
TBII Update: 80992206.
SWEB Update: SC8-099-1_0600.bin

USIO81 Universal Signal In-/Output Version: 0701 **NEW**
TBII Update: 80982207.01
SWEB Update: SC8-098-1_0701.bin

Security information
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