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SIMOGEAR - Sales and delivery release for additional output shafts for SIMOGEAR geared motors

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With effect from March 1, 2019, the SIMOGEAR portfolio was completed by additional output shafts. The output shafts are available for foot versions in a first step. Housing flange versions will follow shortly.

Two-sided output shafts

Application cases with centered drive and two shaft ends result in various applications such as lifting tables, belt conveyors or transfer trolleys. The extension of the SIMOGEAR portfolio by various parallel shaft gearboxes with double shafts allows further possible solutions, in addition to bevel gearboxes.

Solid shaft, double-sided with feather key available for arallel shaft gearboxes (FZ/FD).

Solid shaft, double-sided without feather key available for parallel shaft gearboxes (FZ/FD) and bevel gearboxes (K).

Solid shaft double-sided with and without feather key

Plain output shafts (without feather key)

In various applications, built-on accessories are requested, for example by means of clamping sets/couplings. The extension of the SIMOGEAR portfolio via additional plain shafts allows suitable solutions.

Solid shaft without feather key available for helical gearboxes (Z/D), parallel shaft gearboxes (FZ/FD) and  bevel gearboxes (K)

Solid shaft without feather key


The additional output shafts are available in the DT Configurator and are integrated in ALVIS Web.

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