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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 109763300, Entry date: 07/20/2018

Information and updates for block library SIMOCODE pro for SIMATIC PCS 7 Version V9 with Advanced Process Library (APL)

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Download of service packs and hotfixes and information about versions of the SIMOCODE pro block library for SIMATIC PCS 7.

Ordering data of the block library

3ZS1632-1XX03-0YA0          Engineering software V9
3ZS1632-1XX03-0YE0          Upgrade from V8 to V9
3ZS1632-2XX03-0YB0          Runtime license V9

Information for other SIMOCODE pro block libraries for SIMATIC PCS 7 see 109760422

Version, Service Pack (SP), Hotfix (HF):

Always use the latest versions.

Check compatibility 64847781


Engineering software V9.0 and V9.0 SP1

Engineering software is applicable with PCS 7 V9.0 or PCS 7 V9.0 SP1

a) Type of delivery: CD. Article No. 3ZS1632-1XX03-0YA0

Requirement for installation of the CD version:
If a previous version (Engineering software V9.0 or higher) is already installed on your system, it has to be uninstalled manually before starting the setup. The parallel installation of both libraries is not possible. Engineering software V9.0 SP1 includes complete functionality of the previous library. The CD contains Engineering software V9.0 SP1 and Engineering software V9.0 (without V9.0 HF1, to be downloaded separately). 

b) Type of delivery: Download. 109756879

Requirement for installation of the Download version:
The installation of the Engineering software V9.0 SP1 (download version) requires the existing installation of a previous version (Engineering software V9.0 or higher) and can be installed directly. In this case, the installer will replace the existing files.

Engineering software V9.0 HF1

Engineering software V9.0 HF1 is applicable with PCS 7 V9.0

Type of delivery: Download  109756102 Engineering software V9.0

Requirement for installation of the hotfix: Engineering software V9.0

Engineering-Software V9.0

Engineering software V9.0 is applicable with PCS 7 V9.0

Type of delivery: Contained on CD with Engineering software V9.0 SP1. See above.

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