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In STEP 7 (TIA Portal) why does the tooltip not match the description of the selected timer?

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If you are using timers from the "Legacy" folder, in some cases it might happen that the timer shown in the program editor is not the timer that you selected in the "Instructions" task card.

In the following example the timer (SE) "Start on-delay timer" is placed in the program editor by drag-and-drop and parameterized. Instead the timer (SV) "Start extended pulse time" is executed. The tooltip, the Online Help and the function also belong to the timer (SV) "Start extended pulse time".

Fig. 1

The reason for the above-mentioned behavior lies in the ambiguity that occurs as soon as the interface language is set to German, but the mnemonics to International.

The default setting of the mnemonics to "International" means that the instructions are used with international mnemonics. In this case the selection of the timer "SE" means "Start extended pulse timer". To start the timer with on-delay you have to use the instruction "SD" (Start on-delay timer).

If you change the setting of the mnemonics in an open block, you should close the block and then open it again. When you re-open the block the symbolic designations of the instructions in the task card are adjusted to the mnemonics. A change of the mnemonics becomes effective only after closing and re-opening the block.

The table below gives you an overview of the timer legacy instructions with German and International mnemonics.

German mnemonicsInternational mnemonics 
SIZeit als Impuls startenSPStart pulse timer
SVZeit als verlängertem Impuls startenSEStart extended pulse timer
SEZeit als Einschaltverzögerung startenSDStart on-delay timer
SSZeit als speichernde Einschaltverzögerung startenSSStart retentive on-delay timer
SAZeit als Ausschaltverzögerung startenSFStart off-delay timer

Set the interface language and mnemonics so that there is no ambiguity. Here are recommended combinations:

  • Interface language "German" and "German" mnemonics or
  • Any other interface language and "International" mnemonics.

As far as possible use the IEC timers (TP, TON, TOF, TONR, ...) for the S7-1200/S7-1500.

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