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Which SIMATIC HMI products and SITOP products support OPC UA?

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Discover without time-consuming searching in the manuals the forms in which SIMATIC HMI products and SITOP products support OPC UA.

The FAQ response includes an Excel list that shows which devices/software have an integrated OPC UA Server / OPC UA Client.

In addition the Excel list provides information about which safety and port settings (only OPC UA Server) and which basic information models of the relevant OPC UA Servers/ Clients are supported.

The Excel list currently lists the following products:

  • SITOP PSU8600
  • SITOP UPS1600
  • SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels
  • SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels
  • SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Advanced
  • SIMATIC WinCC Runtime Professional

More Siemens components will be added step by step. The version V1.0 of the Excel list "109763315_OPCUA_Server_Client_V1.0_US-en.xlsx" includes a list with OPC UA Server / OPC UA Clients.
 Registration required  109763315_OPCUA_Server_Client_V1.0_US-en.xlsx (36.1 KB)

Further Information

  • Detailed information on the topic of OPC UA is available in the associated product manuals.
  • OPC UA Certificate Handling with "HMI Option+", 109754400 
  • Application examples "Communication via OPC UA with SIMATIC HMI systems (Comfort Panels, Runtime Advanced, Runtime Professional)", 63481236 
  • Application examples "Security guidelines for SIMATIC HMI devices", 109481300
  • Application example "Setting up IE S7 OPC Redundancy with two OPC servers and WinCC Advanced as OPC UA client", 99923489 
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