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Which user authorizations do you need to be able to collect hardware information with the SAS-DC (SIMATIC Assessment Suite - Data Collector)?

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Read out device and diagnostics information
The SAS-DC (SIMATIC Assessment Suite - Data Collector) enables you to execute a project export of a STEP 7 project in order to read out the device and diagnostics information.
In order for the acquisition of automation component data via the STEP 7 interface to function you have to fulfill the following requirements in the Windows operating system.


  • The storage paths of the STEP 7 project and the SAS-DC in the Windows Explorer must not be longer than 120 characters.
  • The STEP 7 project must be stored and processed with the same user as the one with which you want to start the SAS-DC.
  • Even if the user has administrator authorization, the STEP 7 instance cannot access the projects that have not been created and processed by that user.
  • The project must have been opened at least once by the user in the SIMATIC Manager. By doing so the project is in the user's list and it is possible to collect the STEP 7 project data.
  • When using the SAS-DC you should always log on as local administrator. This can also be in a domain.
  • The user who executes the SAS-DC must be member of the user groups "SIMATIC HMI" and "SIMATIC NET".

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