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Understanding and Using PROFINET Transparent Mode

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With the SCALANCE W-Feature "PROFINET Transparent Mode" you can simultaneously shield devices from the outside using the NAPT function and establish PROFINET communication from selected devices to the central master CPU.This application example shows you the function and handling of the SCALANCE W feature "PROFINET Transparent Mode".

Initial position
A autmated guided system is used in an automation system (for short: AGS). The driverless transport system consists of several identical automated guided vehicles (for short: AGV). Each AGV is a self-sufficient PROFINET IO system.
The automation plant with the driverless transport system is to be extended by a higher level. A central master CPU is placed at this higher level and a
server will also be installed in the new level that can access the AGV and exchange data via UDP/TCP communication.
There are two ways to enable communication between the higher level and the AGV:

  • Unique IP address: Every device in the driverless transport system must have a system-wide, unique IP address. This is the only way that communication between an AGV and the master CPU can be uniquely assigned. The number of IP addresses required adds up according to the number of AGVs.

  • NAT/NAPT: Thanks to NAT/NAPT, each AGV can be reached from outside via a unique external IP address and can therefore be uniquely assigned. However, PROFINET communication is not possible with NAT/NAPT.

Neither of the two options listed can be used on their own for this example

A suitable solution is the SCALANCE W feature "PROFINET Transparent Mode". With this function you can simultaneously

  • shield devices in the AGV from the outside using the NAPT function and

  • establish POFINET communication from selected devices in the AGV to the central master CPU.

The "PROFINET Transparent Mode" only permits communication from outside to the devices in the AGV that was explicitly permitted.

Applicative implementation
This application example shows you the function and handling of the SCALANCE W feature "PROFINET Transparent Mode".

Benefits / added value
If you use the SCALANCE W feature "PROFINET Transparent Mode", then you have the following added value:

  • You can use the NAPT function simultaneously with PROFINET via the same WLAN client.

  • You can save IP addresses because not every device has to have a unique IP address.

  • The configuration can still be copied and applied to all automated guided vehicles. Only small adjustments are necessary.

  • Small IP subnets are still possible in the automated guided vehicles.

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