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Why does the delivered module have a different article number to the one ordered?

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If a substitute product is provided for a module, as soon as the last produced previous modules have been sold, incoming orders are automatically converted to the substitute product.

A substitute product is compatible with the previous product. This means that it supports all the functions of the previous product and might also have additional functions. In this case it is possible to replace the previous product with the substitute product with having to reconfigure.

Information is available in the Industry Mall and in the Industry Online Support about whether there is a substitute product available for the module that you want to order.

If you replace a module with a compatible successor product, this can be operated without any restrictions in the existing configuration. In STEP 7 (TIA Portal) a message is displayed indicating that the installed module (online) does not match the configured module (offline). The scope of functions of both modules is nevertheless identical.

Further Information

  • Detailed information about the ET 200SP modules is available in the manual entitled "SIMATIC ET 200SP Manual Collection" in Entry ID 84133942.
  • The configurator "TIA Selection Tool cloud" for configuring and ordering ET 200SP modules is to be found in the Configurator Overview of the Industry Mall.

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