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In WinCC Professional, in relation to the energy data of the Energy Suite, why do you get the message "Archiving error: Connection to HMI data log interrupted"?

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With the SIMATIC Energy Suite you can log your energy data in WinCC Professional. If your energy data is not displayed correctly in WinCC Professional, this can have different causes. This FAQ response describes how you can clear errors yourself.

Problem description
When you want to log energy data of the SIMATIC Energy Suite in WinCC Professional, in runtime you get the message "Archiving error: Connection to HMI data log interrupted" or no data is written to the Energy Suite log "EnS_EnergyArchive".

Possible causes:

  1. The "SIMATIC Energy Suite Runtime Toolbox" is not installed.
  2. The service "Siemens.Simatic.EnergyMgmt.WinCCprof.DataTransfer.exe" has been removed from the services of your PC station or does not start.
  3. The CPU time has not been synchronized.

You can proceed as follows to clear the problem:

  1. Install the "SIMATIC Energy Suite Runtime Toolbox".
    How to find the "SIMATIC Energy Suite Runtime Toolbox" and install it is described in the application example "SIMATIC Energy Suite - Getting Started" in section 4.3 "SIMATIC Energy Suite Runtime Toolbox". 109739102

  2. Check whether the service "Siemens.Simatic.EnergyMgmt.WinCCprof.DataTransfer.exe" is entered in the Runtime settings.

    Fig. 1

  3. Check whether the service "Siemens.Simatic.EnergyMgmt.WinCCprof.DataTransfer.exe" is running.
    You do this by opening the Windows Task Manager and check whether the service has the status "Running". 

    Fig. 2

    If the service has not been started, you can start it manually.
    You do this by opening in the Windows Explorer the path "C:/Program Files (x86)/Siemens/Automation/SCADA-RT_V11/WinCC/bin" and double-clicking the file "Siemens.Simatic.EnergyMgmt.WinCCprof.DataTransfer.exe".

    Fig. 3

  4. Check whether the time between the CPU and WinCC Professional has been synchronized. 

Further information about time synchronization is available in the application example entitled "Clock synchronization between an HMI operator panel and a SIMATIC PLC" 69864408.  

Additional keywords
FB "EnS_ArchiveHMI", 16#8606

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