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Configuration of a SIMIT UNIT in the PCS 7 environment

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The SIMIT UNIT emulates the behavior of the distributed IO of a real plant. It offers the possibility of simulating the I/O signals of the distributed IO, as well as field device signals, such as actuators and sensors can be, for already testing the automation in the engineering phase.

Over the course of this application example, you will receive and overview of the implementation options of the SIMIT UNIT for assembly simulation. You will learn the different connection types of the SIMIT UNIT and get to know the configuration of a SIMIT UNIT step by step:

  • Exporting all the necessary data from the SIMATIC Manager
  • Creating a SIMIT UNIT Coupling in SIMIT
  • Configuration of SIMIT UNIT using SIMIT
  • Simulating assemblies with the SIMIT UNIT

To ensure safety for personnel and machinery, control program quality as well as a quicker production start, SIMIT SP and SIMIT UNIT provide the following benefits:
  • Independency from the plant peripheries
  • Testing of the automation in the engineering phase
  • More efficient engineering workflow
  • Simulate of the complete behavior of your plant in real time, free of reaction

This Example was created with SIMIT SP V10 and PCS 7 V9.0 SP1.

  Documentation - Configuration of a SIMIT UNIT in the PCS 7 environment (3,6 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Demo projects for PCS 7 and SIMIT (152,1 MB)

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