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7KM PAC measuring devices – An overview of the most important documents and links

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This topic page provides you with an overview of entries on the topics: Straightforward installation, measuring devices of different performance levels and easy-to-use software.

Overview and relationships

Power monitoring system from the SENTRON portfolio and the powermanager power monitoring software.

This forms the technical basis for supporting a corporate energy management and power monitoring system as specified by ISO 50001 and EN 16247.



- Manageable installation effort

- Measuring devices of different performance levels and easy-to-use software

- Precise cost center accounting for consumers

- Detection of energy guzzlers, reduction of load peaks

- Protection of sensitive areas for high plant safety

- Monitoring of protective devices for high system availability

The devices and their focus

The power monitoring system from the SENTRON portfolio is ideally suited for small and medium-sized enterprises in industry and infrastructure.

7KM PAC2200  7KM PAC3100  7KM PAC3120 7KM PAC3200

7KM 3220



7KM PAC3200T

7KM PAC4200 

7KM PAC5100

7KM PAC5200



Examples of digitalization: Infrastructure and industry


• Measurement and display of all relevant system parameters in the low-voltage power distribution system

• Can be used for single-phase and multi-phase measurements in 3- and 4-conductor power systems (TN, TT, IT)

• When, where, and how much energy is used – transparent information is provided by the 7KM PAC measuring device.


Communication modules/protocols (not all devices offer all possibilities)

• Modbus TCP

• Modbus RTU



• M-Bus

Expansion modules

Expansion modules are used as communication interfaces and for expanding the digital inputs/outputs and analog measuring inputs.

Expansion module versions

The following expansion modules are available:

• 7KM PAC Switched Ethernet PROFINET expansion module (PAC3200, PAC4200)

• 7KM PAC PROFIBUS DP expansion module (PAC3200, PAC4200)

• 7KM PAC RS 485 expansion module (PAC3200, PAC4200)

• 7KM PAC 4DI/2DO expansion module (PAC4200)

• 7KM PAC expansion module I(N), I(Diff), analog (PAC3200, PAC4200)


Matching software

powermanager: Powermanager acquires all measured variables that are needed to optimize power consumption and thus reduce costs.

powerconfig: The configuration software offers a wide functional scope and is convenient to put into operation (also integrated in the TIA Portal).   



Firmware updates for all PAC versions



Support Packages for the hardware catalog in the TIA Portal (HSP)
Firmware Version V2.1.4 for the expansion module Switched Ethernet PROFINET
Firmware Update V4.1 for 3VA2 (breaker data server COM800/COM100, communication module COM060)
GSDML/GSD for expansion module I (N), I (Diff), analog 7KM9200-0AD00-0AA0
Language Packages for 7KM PAC3200 Power Monitoring Device
GSDML files: Switched Ethernet PROFINET module

GSD files – Expansion module PAC PROFIBUS DP, 7KM9300-0AB00-0AA0

More downloads (Industry Online Support)


Application examples

Applications in Siemens Industry Online Support


PAC2200 Measuring Device
PAC3100/PAC3200 Measuring Devices
PAC3200T Measuring Device
PAC4200 Measuring Device
PAC5100/5200 Measuring Devices
Equipment Manual – PAC2200 Measuring Device
Equipment Manual – PAC3100 Measuring Device
Equipment Manual – 7KM PAC3120 and 7KM PAC3220 Monitoring Devices
Equipment Manual – PAC3200T Measuring Device
Equipment Manual – SENTRON Expansion Module PAC RS 485
System Manual – SENTRON PAC4200 Power Monitoring Device
Communication Manual SENTRON PAC5100/5200
7KM PAC 4DI/2DO Expansion Module
7KM PAC Expansion Module I(N), I(Diff), Analog

More manuals (Industry Online Support)


Catalog - Molded Case Circuit Breakers (Catalog Extract LV 10 • 10/2021)
Catalog - Measuring Devices, Power Monitoring and Digitalization Solutions (Catalog Extract LV 10 • 10/2021)
Catalog LV 10 • 10/2021 - Low-Voltage Power Distribution and Electrical Installation Technology
Catalog LV 14 • 11/2021 - Power Monitoring Made Simple

More catalogs (Industry Online Support)


Why can you not upload from the S7-1500 / ET 200SP CPU when using a SENTRON device?
SENTRON Communication - TIA Portal, Flexible Access (FA) for Profibus (DP) and Profinet (PN)
PAC Measuring Devices: Using nonstandard current transformers
SENTRON Communication Library for SIMATIC TIA Portal
Integrating PAC measuring devices into KNX
Error message during compilation with LIBRARY PAC/3WL/3VA SIMATIC PCS7 SW+COL
Energy Data Collector – Capture digital counters (S0), PAC device counters (Modbus) and analog values with an S7-1200 CPU
Which energy-measuring components and higher-level systems does the SIMATIC Energy Suite support?
Support of Ethernet/TCP communication connections
How to update a powermanager project from v3.x to v3.6
With LOGO! 8, how do you acquire the measurement data of a SENTRON PAC3200 via Modbus TCP/IP?
Which modules of the Siemens portfolio support PROFIenergy functions?
POWERMANAGER 3.5: Energy Datapoint Archiving Smoothing
Powermanager V3.6 - Desktop UI (Web UI)
7KM42 – setting the reactive power measuring type by powerconfig
How do you interpret the signs in a performance measurement?


More FAQs (Industry Online Support)


Our training courses can be found at

- Energy management with SENTRON (WT-LVAEM)


- Energy management – Basic training (LV-EMSENTB)


- Energy management – Expert training (LV-EMSENTE)


Product notes 

Product notes (Industry Online Support)

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